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good morning. states of emergency. new evacuations ordered in california, as residents brace for day six of heavy rain, flooding and mud slides. and in arizona, nearly two feet of snow in some spots. what did he know? after revealing exclusively to "today" that he is the father of his former mistress's daughter, could john edwards now be indicted over money used to keep that woman quiet? and say what? a woman records her husband saying the strangest things in his sleep. >> i don't have them, but now they're a huge hit on the internet. so, what does he have to say
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last night? we're going to find out when they join us for a live interview today, friday, january 22nd, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. matt, i want you to take a look at this. this is snow in flagstaff, arizona. not rare, but what is unusual is the amount that has fallen, up to 23 inches since just wednesday. >> that's right, and the snow has led to hundreds of flight cancellations and delays and prompted arizona's governor to declare a statewide emergency, anit's expected to continue for the next day or two. that's not what the people out there want to hear. we're going to have more on that and the ongoing trail of damage caused by a week of rain in southern california, just ahead. also ahead, a murder case that stunned the nation. florida 7-year-old somer
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thompson was snatched while walking home from school last october, her body found two days later in a georgia landfill. and now, three months later, investigators have yet to name a suspect and are being tight-lipped about the investigation, a fact that has frustrated somer's mom. coming up, diena thompson speaks out in a live interview. on a much lighter note, you've probably seen the ads promising to buy your old gold jewelry for top dollar. a lot of people are taking advantage of that in these tough economic times, but now there's a study showing they only pay you 9% to 11% of the jewelry's real value. it's a consumer alert, just ahead. but we begin with the unrelenting storms out west. nbc's george lewis is in los angeles. george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. this community, la canada flintridge, lies just below the area burned in last year's big ush fires in los angeles county, and the fear is that with enough water, these hillsides could come tumbling
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down in a torrent of mud and debris. with rain falling on these hills at the rate of more than an inch an hour, the ground is completely saturated and the water has to find someplace to go. offialsay that's why they've asked residents of almost 2,000 homes to leave. >> there's still the threat of mud and debris slides and debris flows. there's mud and water in the street. >> reporter: debbie harris is among those who decided to ignore the warnings. >> it's not that far down the hill for us. so, even if we have to walk out, it would be okay. >> reporter: flooding all over southern california has been a major headache this week, snarling traffic. >> this is one of those low-lying areas where water tends to pond. >> reporter: and create a mini niagara just off the long beach freeway. the campus of cal state university long beach was closed because of flooding in several buildings. some 60 miles east of los angeles, san bernardino county sheriff's deputies used a
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helicopter to rescue a man and a woman trapped by floodwaters in the normally dry santa ana river wash. in the high sierra, a major crash involving several big rigs and other vehicles in a snoworm caused the closure of westbound interstate 80. an suv with a mother and two babies plowed into one of the trucks, but the three of them survived. weather also fouled air transportation, forcing southwest airlines to cancel more than 400 flights in california and arizona. ashe storms move eastward, they've dumped more than a foot of snow on flagstaff, arizona, a place where these kinds of conditions are a novelty. now, back in california, the rain and the snow are expected to taper off tonight, but authorities warn, these hillsides will be extremely dangerous 72 hours after the skies clear. meredith? >> all right, george lewis, thank you very much.
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it is now 7:04. here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. formu.s. senator and former presidential candidate john edwards showed up in haiti, days after admitting to being the father of his former mistress's 2-year-old daughter, but that does little to end the scandal. nbc news correspondent lisa myers broke the story and is with us again this morning. lisa, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that edwards' wealthy political donors provided more than $1 million to help guard john edwards' secret. much of that money was handled by a former aide who claims he managed the cover-up. the aide has now turned on his boss, claiming edwards betrayed him and kicked him to the curb. >> and you want to see big, bold, courageous change in this country, join us in this cause. >> reporter: it was the summer of 2007. edwards was running for president. and behind the scenes, there was
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growing concern that his affair with campaign videographer rielle hunter might be exposed. >> it's a great speech. >> can you read it? >> yes, i can read it. >> you can? >> yes. >> reporter: this man, edwards' longtime personal aide, andrew young, claims in an upcoming tell-all book that edwards begged him to help conceal the affair. north carolina democratic consultant and political watchdog joe sinzheimer says young's book reveals tawdry details of a desperate cover-up. you read andrew young's 20-page book proposal. >> i did. >> reporter: what was your impression? >> that andrew young is relatively unapologetic about his role in this crisis. he was, in fact, the handler of the mistress. he was, in fact, the enabler of the double life. >> reporter: promotional material for young's book claims he was the senator's closest aide and most trusted friend, but harrison hickman, a longtime
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edwards friend and adviser, counters that young was a flat'flat er er and an errand boy. >> i know two specific instances where he's not telling the truth. i mean, those are on the face not true. >> reporter: still, almost everyone agrees that young would have done anything for john edwards. dave badger is a friend of young's. >> of the supporters of john through all of hiscampaigns, i believe andrew to have been the most loyal of all. >> reporter: so loyal that when "the national enquirer" first reported rielle hunter's pregnancy in december 2007, young took responsibility, declaring he was the father of her child, which turned out to be false. >> john edwards has never said to me that he asked andrew young to claim paternity. and in fact has said just the opposite, that he did not do that. >> reporter: young now says he was on the run with hunter for months, hiding her first at this
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exclusive gated community in north carolina, then moving her along with his own wife and kids to this lavish house near oprah's mansion in santa barbara, california. cost, at least $20,000 a month. >> they're living the high life together, the young family and rielle hunter and the baby, all under one roof. >> reporter: later, hunter got her own digs overlooking the pacific as well as use of a bmw and an allowance. and where did all the money come from? from two wealthy edwards campaign donors, edwards' finance chair fred baron and an exclusive heiress who together gave hunter more than $1 million. a federal grand jury here in raleigh, which met as recently as this month, is trying to figure out what edwards knew about the payments, whether campaign contributions were used and whether any of it amounts to a crime.
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>> what may be in question is how dirty did john edwards get his own hands? did he basically ask staff to deal with this or was he, in fact, secretly orchestrating all of the activity behind the scenes? >> reporter: fred barron said before he died that his friend edwards knew nothing about the payments. mellon's lawyer says young did not tell her exactly how the money would be used. >> he went off to virginia, according to the book proposal, and he said to ms. mellon that we've got a problem, it's of a personal nature and that we need some funds to deal with it. >> reporter: young visited mellon at her virginia estate, according to sources familiar with the investigation, and got her to write checks totaling about $700,000, many made out to a north carolina antiques dealer, who endorsed them over to young's wife. mellon's lawyer described young's requests for money increscent and tells nbc that young even suggested mrs. mellon mortgage her farm to raise more cash.
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the lawyer said young "played a very questionable role in seeking funds" from mrs. mellon. >> he was using his role in john edwards' life as a way to solicit these contributions, and senator edwards didn't want anything to do with it. >> reporter: the edwards camp says that at that point, the senator severed his ties with young. elizabeth edwards wrote in her book about an obsessed staffer. sources say she was referring to young. >> he is too possessive, he knows no limits, no boundaries. >> reporter: now, elizabeth calls young's book sad and questions his motivation. >> i assume he's doing it for the money. but i don't know. you'd have to ask andrew that. >> reporter: young is now a key witness before the federal grand jury. and whatever the outcome, sinsheimer says the victims are edwards' supporters. >> they have been betrayed by both mr. edwards and andrew young, who didn't have the guts to stand up and look john edwards in the eye and say you
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can't act like this and run for president. >> reporter: the "today" show asked andrew young for an interview over several weeks and he declined. edwards' lawyer says he has every confidence in the people conducting the federal investigation and believes when it concludes, meredith, edwards will be able to go on with his life. >> right now it is a mess. lisa myers, thank you very much. david gregory is the moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> well, it wasn't a very good week for the democrats, i'll say that. first, they lose the supermajority in the senate, and then the president's health care plan is put in jeopardy, and now you have john edwards admitting that he had this affair with his mistress and fathered a child with her. let's talk about the edwards admission first. is there any real political fallout to that long-term, or is this more about personal failings? >> i think you've got it, i think it's more about personal failings and deceit and the full range of such a sad story that's become a political story, but the political impact is zero, except for the huge question of
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what could have been. remember, all this is going on as john edwards was seeking the presidency. this is someone who came close to becoming the vice president of the united states, and you can only imagine, had he been any better as a candidate, had he progressed farther, he could have been the democratic nominee, and then, of course, when these revelations came out, all of that could have crashed down and you'd have a republican likely as a president now. so, the what-ifs don't matter because they didn't play out, but it's still striking to think about. >> absolutely. let's talk about the man who is president, president obama. he will be addressing the nation next week in his statemestate o address at a time when there is no resolution with regard to the health care bill. not even sure we will get a bill in the end, and if we do, probably watered down from what he wanted. either way you look at it, is it a lose-lose pposition for the president? >> well, no. the real loss here would be to lose health care altogether, and that's what's said at the white house. rahm emanuel has been calling up to congressional leaders on capitol hill saying, what is it that you think you can get the votes for? that's the big question right now, whether they break the bill
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apart, try to do it piecemeal, whether they pass a separate bill that would speak to the house concerns down the road after passing the senate bill. there's lots of what-ifs. right now, no one knows what a legitimate path forward would be, and that's scary to a lot of democrats, but the feeling within the white house is you cannot walk away. the political costs would be too much if the president cannot achieve a signature goal of his administration. >> you know, wednesday, david, i talked with senator-elect -- oh, gosh -- scott brown. i'm sorry. blanking on the name. of massachusetts, after that stunning victory. and he said that the people are angry there and they want a government that responds to them. and it almost seemed like the president took that note, because yesterday, he was quite defiant, taking on the banks and wall street. what does he need to do at this point to recalibrate? >> well, i think that recalibration is in part a legislate strategy, in part it is a change in tone. the number one thing is to pivot to jobs. the president will be in ohio today. that's what he wants to talk about in the state of the union, jobs, jobs, jobs all the time.
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what can the administration do this year to speak to that concern that scott brown in massachusetts and others around the country are talking about. you mentioned this populist streak as well. the president wants a fight with the banks. he wants a fight over financial regulation and over the bonuses. there is a feeling the white house knows is out there, which is, who's looking after the lile guy here? not just wall street. and the president wants to be the person to do that. that's only going to be ratcheted up as he goes forward. >> meanwhile, a huge supreme court ruling yesterday. the court ruled that the government cannot ban political spending by corporations in elections. how is this going to change the way elections are run? >> well, there's a lot of concerns in the white house and within the democratic party that all of a sudden you're going to have union money, big corporate money that's going to come flooding in. i think both parties know how to take advantage of this, but there's a concern that there's going to be a huge rollback here and you're going to have more special interest money that washes through these campaigns that leads to some of theery business in washington that a lot of people are so unhappy about. >> what have you got coming up
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on "meet the press" this sunday? >> two important exclusives. valerie jarrett ll join us, senior adviser to the president, as well as mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate, to talk about the way forward, the president's state of the union address and his second year. >> david gregory, thank you very much. >> thanks, meredith. >> scott brown shakes up everything and i can't remember his name. that is not good. >> i'm matt, by the way. >> yeah, oh, that's right. >> let's get a check of the rest of the morning's headlines from a young lady named ann curry. >> it's okay, meredith. good morning. good morning, everybody. in the news this morning, we begin with a number of developments in haiti. the government there says it will relocate 400,000 people whose homes were destroyed in last week's earthquake because of growing fears of disease. and also growing is desperation. at one food desperation point on thursday, chaos as survivors broke into a store house and fought each other for food. and on top of that, there are more aftershocks. nbc's michelle kosinski is in port-au-prince for us thi morning. hey, michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. all of these aftershocks just make everyone feel powerless
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again. the other day we were talking to a young, stng, uninjured woman in labor who had finally found a field hospital, and we were telling her how great it is to see a happy, hopeful moment. well, the next day, we found out that both she and her baby had died. we couldn't believe it. it's just, as much help as there is here, life is tenuous. the struggle for life's basics goes on. >> no food ever delivered? >> no, no, no food. >> reporter: much aid waits here at the airport. a logjam getting in with some 1,400 planes waiting to drop off relief supplies and then getting them out through clogged and broken streets. >> you are trying to stuff a large elephant into a straw. that's what you're doing. >> reporter: this woman walked two miles in the sun for water for her children. here, a line snakes around what was a country club, now a
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massive distribution site next to a sprawling tent city. life is very difficult, they say, running for their two bottles of water. the u.s. army has this all down to a science now and an art. >> it feels great. i love it. it's good to see the look on the kids' faces and everything. makes you feel like you're doing something. >> reporter: there's some good news for transportation here, too. the u.s. military has brought in a portable tower for the airport, badly needed. and also, part of the heavily damaged port has been fixed. ann? >> all right, michelle kosinski this morning. michelle, thanks. well, tonight, nbc will be among the networks carrying a fund-raising telethon to help the relief effort in haiti. it's called "hope for haiti now." it airs at 8:00/7:00 central time. there is a major recall involving more than 2 million toyota trucks and cars. the company says it's recalling the vehicles because of mechanical problems with the gas pedal that could cause them to
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stick. the recall includes rav4s, corollas, avalons, camrys and tundras. for more information, go to our website at today, defense secretary robert gates and pastan's military officers said fighting terror along afghanistan's border is in pakistan's interests as well as washington's. and an insurance company is auctioning off the us airways jet that made the miracle landing on the hudson last year. the banged-up plane is, of course, water damaged, and you can see where it made impact and also what broke inside the plane. now in a new jersey svage yard, the plane is being auctioned online and is being sold as is. it is now 7:18. let's go back to meredith, matt and al. >> any estimates on what they think they might get? >> not as far ass i can tell, ad it's going to be a very unusual person might bid for it, but we'll see what happens. >> yeah. >> okay, ann, thanks very much. papa was a rolling stone, man. you have been on the road. >> and all ever left us was alone. >> was alone, there yougo.
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welcome back, pal. >> appreciate it. our thoughts, of course, with everybody out in california, where the rain continues to fall. but the good news is, a little less. the cold air is unstable aloft. we've got hail, damaging wind gusts, heavy snow back through the sohwest, and it just continues to rain. but again, at a much slower pace, and that's good news. could be an isolated thunderstorm or two in southern california today. rainfall amounts much less, as you can see, maybe half an inch to an inch. but the heavy snow continues out in arizona where they've already picked up two good morning, we're getting light to moderate rain across much of northern virginia and in parts of shenandoah valley, a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain and up into northern loudoun county, all this precipitation is going to continue to be with us through the afternoon hour.
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maybe a trace of snow this afternoon around the metro area, otherwise mostly rain. >> that's your latest weather. matt?>> all right, al, thanks v much. as we saw a little bit earlier, the push to get aid to the people of haiti is slowly coming together, and now a state-of-the-art floating hospital has arrived. nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman is in port-au-prince with details on that. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. there are so many things that the haitians need right now, but one is decent nurses, strong doctors and a really safe place, a really safe hospital. and now, as you mentioned, there is a place to find all of those things. while so many medical personnel are exhausted and weary after ten days of dealing with catastrophic injuries, agony and death, relief is here. united states navy ship "comfort" has pulled into port-au-prince. dr. tim donohue is the chief of surgery. >> hopefully, we'll get relief
7:21 am
for the folks ashore. >> reporter: the staff of "comfort" performs humanitarian work throughout the year but is especially trained to respond to crises like these. the "comfort" is a 1,000-bed floating hospital, equipped to handle almost anything. >> we've seenust about most of the bones you can have broken. you name it, we can just about do it. >> reporter: since the doors opened on tuesday night, patients have flooded in, air-lifted from the mainland. isaiah has a fractured arm and a lacerated scalp. like most of the people air-lifted here, he received some basic first aid but is in need of real medical treatment. >> he felt the ground ake, and when he went to run, a wall started to -- the wall started to fall. so, some of the cinder blocks fell on him. >> reporter: while the "comfort" falls under the command of the navy, there's an unusual situation here. civilian doctors and nurses, if they have the right credentials, can come on board and volunteer their services. everyone on board has seen the
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pictures and heard the reports of the devastation, and they are prepared. but being prepared for patients and being prepared forhe stress of the on-the-job work for the doctors and nurses when facing such sadness can be very different things. how do you guys support each other? >> you know, it really is a really pretty close-knit team. we've also identified resources, the chaplain, medical health professionals, if we need be. >> reporter: but for now, it is the health of the haitians that matters and getting a population back on its feet. we continue to see people all over this city with very complicated fractures, and part of the infrastructure challenge is getting them to those kinds of good hospitals. and yesterday when i spoke to the israeli doctors, they have seen some cases of meningitis. and the other real concern here now is typhoid. if that infectious disease starts, we have a whole other problem. >> dr. nancy snyderman, we
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appreciate yourrt. just ahead, the search for 7-year-old somer thompson's killer. three months later, no
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just ahead, a consumer alert on those ads promising you top dollar for your old gold. plus, the wild things this guy says in his sleep.
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7:26 is your time now on this friday, january 22, 2010. a mix of winter weather is causing delays and closures. keep watching your screen for those. and in the news today. thousands will be gathering for life in the district. several road closures will go from 9:00 until 5:00. we'll have the weather and traffic when we come back, stay with us.
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good morning, we have a variety of precipitation around the area. farther to the west and north, there's a little bit of sleet and freezing rain. this may change over to light snow over the region later on this afternoon. hour's the traffic? >> at this point we do have delays as you roll up 95 to the prince william park way, as you continue along 395 more delays, watch out the roadways are wet
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so mind your speed out there. >> we'll be back in 25 minut
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7:30 now on this friday morning, january 22nd, 2010. and you're looking at some of the folks that we find outside our window on the world, and we're going to step outside and say hi to them in just a bit. i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer. and just ahead, a consumer alert tied to the high price of gold. >> a lot of people are answering these ads that you see on television, you hear on the radio, basically saying, hey, we'll give you top dollar for your gold jewelry, gold coins. let's face it, money's tight, so people are interested in that, but do you really get what your items are actually worth? apparently, the answer is no, not even close. now a congressman is calling for an investigation. what you need to kn, coming up just ahead. plus, have you ever caught your spouse talking in his or her sleep? well, one woman did, and she
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decided to record the bizarre things that her husnd said. now his late-night ramblings on everything from vampire penguins to avocados are a worldwide hit. coming up, we're going to meet the strange man behind the madness. and a real daredevil coming up as well will be here to announce his plan to jump out of a balloon that will be nearly 23 miles up in the air. he's trying to break the world's 50-year-old free fall record, and he's getting help from the now 81-year-old who holds the current record. we'll talk to them both, just ahead. >> it's an amazing story. >> yes. but we're going to begin with serious news, the latest on the 3-month-long search for the killer of somer thompson. she is the florida 7-year-old whose body was found in a georgia landfill last october, two days after she disappeared. we're going to talk to somer's mom in an exclusive, live interview in just a moment, but first, here's nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: three months after somer thompson was murdered, authorities say they still have no suspect and not enough
7:32 am
evidence yet to even focus in a particular direction. but the clay county sheriff's office says the investigation remains active with the fbi, u.s. marshals and state agents still involved and lots of material being analyzed in a crime lab. >> this is really not a cold case yet, because law enforcement still has physical evidence to look at. >> reporter: 7-year-old somer thompson disappeared last october 19th after walking home from school on this sidewalk in orange park, florida. her body was found two days later in a landfill in southeast georgia. authorities hope that by finding the body so soon, it would lead to a swift resolution of the case. >> they thought there was a very strong possibility there would be physical evidence on h body that would link her to an offender. >> reporter: but it didn't happen, and clay county sheriff rick beesler hasn't spoken publicly about the investigation since late october, saying he doesn't want to tip off the killer. investigators have said their biggest fear is that whoever killed somer thompson could
7:33 am
strike again, but as far as they know, it hasn't happened, as they keep an eye out for other cases with similar patterns. but with that threat still looming, investigators continued to pore through potential evidence, hoping finally to get a big break, and soon. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> somer's mother, diena thompson, is with us exclusively, along with her attorney, mike freed. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> diena, i know how hard this is for you. just watching that brought you to tears. i don't know how you're holding up through all this and why you wanted to come here, given how difficult it is for you. >> because her murderer isn't found, and i don't want another family -- i know i can't save everybody, but at least one family cannot feel this pain, because it's unbearable, and i have no choice but to go on because i have other children and they need me. >> you have three other children -- >> yes, ma'am. >> -- who need you very much. you know, right after somer's
7:34 am
body was found last october, you did an interview and you looked in the camera at whoever did this. you were reaching out to whoever did this, and you said, "we're coming for you. we'll get you." do you remember that? >> oh, yeah, and i still feel the same way. we are going to get you. you may have hidden this long, but your time is limited. >> right now, are we any closer to getting this person? >> i really don't get told a lot. i know that they have a lot of forensic evidence out that they're waiting on. >> yeah, they've been very tight-lipped with the public, but also with you. you still don't even know how your daughter died. >> no, ma'am, i don't. >> that's part of the investigation, obviously. obviously, it's frustrating for diena, but at the same time, the clay county sheriff's office has done exactly what they need to do to maximize that they make an arrest and they get a conviction. >> but how do you handle that as a mom, the not knowing? >> that's probably the worst part, the not knowing, because the scenarios you make up in
7:35 am
your mind, they might be worse than what the actual truth is. so, i just want this person brought to justice. they need to pay, because she didn't -- she couldn't have possibly done anything to deserve -- >> to deserve this, absolutely. mike, at this point, are there even any persons of interest out there or any theories that we know about that the police are working off of? >> i think the most likely is that it's a crime of opportunity. >> meaning? >> meaning that somer was walking home and separated from her siblings and her friends and that tre's someone who was into things they shouldn't have been in and may not have ever committed a crime like this, may never do it again, and this was an opportunity for them to up what their perverted activities already were. >> you know there are some people who believe that it might be somebody within that community, somebody that you might even know. do you find yourself, diena, looking twice at people or always wondering, am i staring at this monster and i don't even realize it? >> definitely, without a doubt,
7:36 am
every time you go out, every time somebody stares back at me, i wonder, are they staring at me because they know they're the ones and i don't know anything about what's going on? so, i don't want to falsely accuse anyone, because that could really wreck someone's life, but this person needs to be brought to justice. >> there was an upsetting article in the paper recently that you know about. an unnamed social worker from your daughter's school apparently called state services a year ago, before she disappeared, said that at times your kids walked home from school alone and it was putting them in a dangerous situation. you were actually investigated. they found that you did nothing wrong whatsoever, that you were very responsible parent. but when you saw that article now, how did you react to that? >> it broke my heart. it made me feel like somebody was just throwing me into the sharks, you know? and what about the 75 other children who walk home with my kids every day?
7:37 am
why? why would someone do that? >> diena is amazingly sensitive, and as you know, there'so much of an outpouring of support, but there's also a crazy minority of people that like to victimize victims, and i would just ask people to leave diena and her family alone in that regard, because there have been some very hurtful things said, and diena's just a good mother like so many people, working to take care of her kids and doing the best she could. and the reason her daughter's dead is because there's a really bad person out there, not because of something diena did. >> and in a sense, you feel like any mom would, what if i had been there, that sense of responsibility that never goes away. >> every day. what if i would have done this different? it's the worst pain that you could ever experience. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. >> well, as mike said, there are so many people who care deeply about you and your children in
7:38 am
the community, and i know you've raised a lot of money, $60,000 in a fund to, hopefully, find who this is. >> there's actually $65,000. >> $65,000 at this point. and i know part of the reason you came here is because you had a message for other parents out there. >> i just want parents to know that you're basically living on borrowed time, and just tell your kids you love them. and when they want to cook with you and you just don't want to clean up the extra mess, it's worth cleaning up the extra mess or tripping over their bike or pickinpicking up their dirty la it's all worth it, because they can be taken from you -- >> at any time. >> -- at any time. >> i started this interview asking you about what you said a couple days after your daughter's body was found, to whoever did this, that we're coming for you, we're going to get you. with every day that goes by, does that determination ever
7:39 am
waver or does it get stronger? >> no, it gets stronger because he's going to get caught. he's going to do something wrong. he's obviously not a smart person, because if he were, he would have never done this to begin with. >> diena, we hope he's caught or she is caught, whoever did this. >> it's an it. >> an it. thank you so much for keeping somer's story out there. someone out there knows something. diena thompson, mr. freed, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if you have any information for the case, please logon to our website, now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's weather" is brought to you by turbotax software. turbotax, choose easy. and as we look at what's happening here in the weather, in the east we've got a low pressure developing. it's bringing rain and icy conditions to the mid-atlantic states, the associated cold front bringing heavy rain down through. if lay. you can see the heaviest rain offshore, but some areas will
7:40 am
pick up one to two inches of rain. clouds in the pacific northwest, snow showers in the rockies and the wasatch mountain ranges. we're looking at sunshine through the gulf coast, temperat two separate areas of low pressure affecting our weather here on this friday morning, we can see those two effects here. one is an upper level low coming in from the southeast. rain in the panhandle of west virginia and the combination of sleet and freezing rain. temperatures out that wayre just a little above freezing rain and they could get two to four inches of sleet there today. and if you want to make sure your weather's good this weekend, check out the weather channel on cable or online. meredith? >> al, thank you ver much. and up next, a warning if you're looking to make extra money by selling your old gold. what you should know before you put youraluables in the mail.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
you know, you see the ads everywhere -- mail your gold to a company and make quick cash, but is it really worth it? nbc's jeff rossen is here with
7:44 am
some answers, and i don't think the answers are so good. >> they never are when we're here, are they? it's the perfect storm, gold prices are up, the economy is down. so what do we do? look around the home for old necklaces or rings laying around and we try to sell them. it makes sense and it's pretty easy, too, but this morning, a new consumer alert and new action from a congressman who says you're only making pennies on the dollar. it sure looks like fun. >> wow. >> reporter: throw a gold party and sell your old jewelry to your friends. too much effort? no problem. >> here's money. >> reporter: now you can sell gold from home. maybe you've seen the commercials and testimonials. >> i got $197. >> reporter: several companies, including industry leader cash4gold, are doing big business. mail the gold in, you get a check back. nbc news began investigating this craze back in march, and now customers are coming forward. >> i felt that the company had
7:45 am
deceived and had lied to me. >> reporter: claiming the mail-in gold companies are low-balling them. online message boards are brimming with complaints. mark360 writes -- "i sent all my jewelry to them and only got $334. i then took my jewelry to the diamond & gold exchange in garland, texas, and they gave me more than double." rachel writes -- "i sent them a herring bone necklace, diamond rings and another gold necklace. i should have known they would tell me they were lost in the mail." >> it's a bad deal. >> reporter: an online watchdog group launched their own investigation and the results, they say, are alarming. we weighed this gold with an expert, and he said it's worth $300. its melted weight is worth $300. how much could i get for this? >> well, you take that to a pawn shop, jeweler, maybe you'll get $275, $280, depending on the price of gold that day. but if you mail it off in a little plastic envelope to some p.o. box across the country, you might be lucky if you get a check back for $33. >> reporter: now, new york congressman anthony weiner is taking action.
7:46 am
in a letter to the federal trade commission, he points to a study that mail-in gold companies pay you only 11% to 29% of the jewelry's real value, that their return policies are predatory and dangerous and calls for a full investigation of cash4gold. >> basically, these companies are exploiting two things. one is the bad economy, the fact that people are looking for extra cash wherever they can find it. and the second is, they're exploiting ignorance. >> reporter: late thursday, cash4gold responded in a statement to nbc news -- "we are proud of the service we have provided to over 900,000 customers. cash4gold stands behind our guarantee to all customers that they have 12 days to accept our offer or request their items back." sending your gold in the mail may be convenient. >> if he gives me more money for another trip. >> reporter: and selling to friends might be fun, but nsumer experts say shopping around is by far the best. >> very nice. thank you very much. >> tips for selling gold is keep it local, keep it in your hand
7:47 am
until you actually are in front of someone, a professional, and always get at least two or three offers. >> now, the mail-in companies admit this is not foreveryone. if you're looking to maximize your money, you're better off doing it in person, but the companies say if you don't have the time or the energy to shop around, it works. by the way, when you get an offer -- this is important -- you have only days to respond. otherwise, the companies, matt, consider thi a done deal, they're keeping your gold and mehmeting it down. >> letting the horses out of the barn. >> that's right. >> too late. jeff so much. it's 7:47. up next, the daredevil getting ready to attempt a very dangerous sky dive from the edge of space. we're going to talk to him and ask him why.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
back at 7:50 with a daring and dangerous attempt to break world records that have stood for half a century. they were set back in 1960, when then u.s. air force captain joe kitinger jumped out of a balloon. that w was more than 102,000 fe in the air. >> now, 50 years later, colonel kitinger is helping skydiver and test jump pilot felix baumgartner try to break his marks. both are with us exclusively. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't want people to think
7:51 am
we read a typo here or misspoke. you jumped out of a balloon at 102,000 feet? >> absolutely, sure di >> what did that feel like? >> well, we were there for a certain purpose and i trained for a long time, and i visualized it, and when it came time to go, i was ready to go. >> felix, a lot of people have tried to surpass the colonel's record, and some of them have died in the attempt. why are you doing this? >> well, i think it's the next logical step because we've done so many things the last 20 years. so, my highlight dream as a skydiver, i spent time in a pressure chamber and i have trained for it. i feel safe and i'm really looking forward to doing this. >> colonel, why a you helping? i don't mean to make this sound like a competition, but you hold these records. you've held them for 50 years. i'm sure they're special to you. why would you help someone break them? >> well, because records are meant to be broken, you know? it's human nature to go faster, higher, deeper, and i was invited to join the campaign,
7:52 am
and i respect felix and i know he can do a great job doing it, so i'm looking forward to helping him do it. >> generous of you. >> very generous. felix, walk us through this for a second. you're going to go up 120,000 feet in the air, in a balloon, right? now, you're -- >> first of all, i'm in a pressure suit. it's really important, because -- >> in other words, you'd be freeze-dried. >> well, at 50,000 feet, blood starts boiling, so the only way to survive is in a pressure suit. >> a pressure suit and a pressurized capsule as well? >> both. >> both. >> we have double safety, because safety is the most important thing, which is why we have both. i'm going up for about 2 hours and 30 minutes in a pressure capsule. at altitude, i'm going to release the pressure in the capsule, so my suit will puff up, so i still have pressure on my body, which is important. then i step off. within the first 30 seconds, i'm going to reach the speed of sound. >> my goodness. well, good luck. >> good luck, yeah. >> to both of you, and we apprecia you joining us. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you so much
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
a mix of winter weather is causing delays and closures. keep watching your screen for those. and page county schools are now closed. they were on a two-hour delay. it's 7:56. in the news this morning, crews have their hands full fixing several water main breaks in central washington, the trinidad neighborhood. traffic lanes are blocked off and nearby homes, businesses and one church have water damage.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, two separate weather systems affecting our region on this 23rid morning. as we look at the radar we're getting a flow out of the northwest and in virginia, flow is out of the southwest. both of these systems giving us a variety of situations, sleet and freezing rain. it's probably going to continue west, east of the blu ridge for the next couple of hours.
7:59 am
we'll probably get a light dusting of snow around theetro area. and a couple of inches of snow farther north and west. >> on the inner loop of the capital beltway, things are slower than normal to get us to route 50 where they're unclogging a storm drain where they were getting high water. continue into the district, we have got a problem on the freeway at the exit for the third street tunnel eastbound, you'll find that the left side of the tunnel was blocked with that one.
8:00 am
we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 22nd day of january 2010. it's another pretty day here in the northeast. a little breezy, but not bad, 34 degrees. we'll take it as we head into the weekend. and out on the plaza, thanks to these nice people for stopping by. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, and the return, ladies and gentlemen, of al roker after about a week on the road. nice to have you back, sir. >> we missed you so much. you did great work. really great work. >> thank you. >> great to have you home. here's a question for you. >> yes. >> do you er talk in your sleep? >> yes. >> mumbles. >> what about due elect? >> well, i don't know because
8:01 am
i'm asleep, but richard tells me i do. >> any gems? >> i don't mutter your name, if that's what you're thinking. >> well, that's actually -- >> kind of an introduction here. >> anyway, we'll meet a couple coming up. apparently, he started to speak in his sleep. he said some doozies, and she at first thought it was just funny. then she started recording it and sharing them with other people. they have now become an internet sensation. we'll hear what he has to say when he's awake and when he was asleep, in just a little while. and we have tips for these folks and everyone else, the five things you need to know to get a great night's sleep. plus, what would you do if you were walking down the street and you were approached by the president of the united states? well, coming up, we're going to walk the streets with the man who's become the master of impersonating our nation's leaders to see how people react. it's a great story. >> huh. >> okay. >> he looks about as much like obama as i look like the wax of me at madame tussauds.
8:02 am
>> that's what that looks like, the president -- >> much more, exactly. let's go in to ann curry at the news desk. >> i agree, by the way, al. good morning once again, everybody. in the news, officials in haiti say they will temporarily relocate 400,000 earthquake survivors soon because they're rried about sanitary conditions in the camps now clustered around the capital. and on thursday, there were scenes of desperation. a u.s. charity was handing out food when men armed with sticks forced their way through the crowd and made off with relief supplies. meantime, the red cross is saying that americans have donated more than $25 million to the relief effort through text messages alone, which is remarkable. today, airports in india are on high alert after indian intelligence received information that al qaeda-linked militants were planning to hijack a plane in india. security has been heightened and passengers are being subjected to extra security checks. a storm system that's been pounding the western united states caused flash flooding and evacuations overnight in parts of arizona. flagstaff, arizona, could see another foot of snow today,
8:03 am
doubling the amount already on the ground. in southern california on thursday, a tornado knocked down trees and damaged houses, and rescuers used a helicopter to reach people stranded by a rising river. rain is in the forecast for the los angeles area for a sixth day in a row. the election of republican scott brown in massachusetts is forcing democrats to consider new compromises to pass health care reform. house speaker nancy pelosi said on thursday that she does not have enough votes to pass the senate's current health care bill. overseas markets are mostly lower this morning following the dow's 21point drop on thursday. cnbc's erin burnett now joins us. erin, more earnings out today. >> that's right, ann, and uncertainty and anety are the two words to think about. on the earnings front, our parent company, general electric, a great barometer for the economy, said maybe some signs of encouragement in terms of the economy, but still, revenue dropped 10%. there's also anxiety about what the rules are, whether the president is going to break up some of the biggest banks in the country is causing concern. you mentioned health care. no one knows what's happening there.
8:04 am
that's also bad for the markets. and then, anxiety over who's in charge. ben bernanke, the fed chief, is supposed to be up for confirmation. that vote has been delayed again. put all that together and there's a lot of concern and anxiety on wall street. back to you. >> all right, erin, thank you so much. you may want to look at this next video about an unusual protest in belgium. there were some angry firefighters, and they were trying to fill a government building with foam, and then they later sprayed it at police. the firefighters were upset about current laws about promotions, and they made sure that their cause was heard, or seen, felt. anyway, it was messy. it is now 8:04. let's go back outside to meredith and matt. don't you think that looks like fun? >> it does look like fun, ann, it really does. we should have a little of that fun. >> we have fun every day, and you know it. >> that's true. that's true. mr. roker's over here with a check of the weather. >> some days are more fun than others, but every day is fun, it is. we've got some -- you're pushing your son here in front. what's your name, young man? >> max. >> and who's that back there? wow. it's one of the men in black. very nice.
8:05 am
what's your name? >> taylor. >> all right, taylor, nice to see you. "taylor," i like it. let's check your weather, see what's happening. pick city of the day, rochester, rochester, minnesota, kttc. cloudy, cold, 32 degrees. and the weekend, we've got a risk of strong storms down in theower mississippi river valley, icy up in the northern mississippi valley, snow showers in the rockies, wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! look for a risk of strong storms in the southeast, rain in the afternoon in the northeast with icy conditions, more wet weather northern california and the pacific northwest, snowy in the rockies, sunny and mild through the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. good morning, here we have got a variety of weather appearing simultaneously as we have two separate weather systems affecting the region. one a coastal low changing rain over into sleet and freezing rain. and moderate to heavy rain in
8:06 am
culpepper county, down to near frederi fredericksburg that's advancing to the north. and we have some light snow in the metro area where temperatures are above freezing and leaving just a trace later today. and here's a warning to our bosses in augusta, georgia, the barnes & noble. you're not coming back? >> no. >> you're staying in new york? >> yes. >> well, you heard it here first. what's his name? >> mike! >> mike, they're not coming back! meredith. >> al, thank you very much. up next, the bizarre ramblings of a sleep-talking man that's become a internet sensation. what did he have to say last night? we'll talk to his wife in a live interview after this. child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces and wireless headsets, to its voluminous storage compartments. make it the hero to any family.
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stop losing and start reversing. (announcer) for a free trial offer call 1-800-4-boniva or visit back now at 8:10. imagine you said whatever popped into your mind, whether it be whimsical, rude or jus plain funny. now imagine you did it while you slept and your spouse was recording it all and posting it online for all to hear. that's how a couple in england is redefining pillow talk, and we're going it meet them in a moment, but first, nbc' stephanie gosk has their story. >> reporter: adam lennard might seem like the average joe, a newlywed with a steady job and a
8:11 am
nice apartment in london, but adam is anything but normal. ♪ mr. sandman >> reporter: late at night when he's fast asleep, he starts to talk. >> step away from the yam. step away! >> reporter: two months ago, karen lennard started blogging her husband's late-night talk. with a microphone, she records everything. normally a mild-mannered guy. >> what about sex and furry animals. >> reporter: he barely recognizes his slumbering alter ego. for one, he isn't that funny in life. >> can't control the kittens. too many whiskers! >> reporter: haven't there been moments where he's said something and you've gone, oh, god, that's a little weird. >> no. i mean, yes, most of them are weird. most of them are weird. >> reporter: the blog quickly went viral. in the last three weeks, there have been close to 1 million hits, along with a couple videos. amid the growing following, there are a few nics, but the
8:12 am
lennards are unphased. >> this is something that we did -- i did from the beginning just for us and our friends. and so, i'm perfectly okay living with the idea that some people think that it's fake. ♪ mr. sandman >> reporter: the vast majority of their fans just think it's funny. >> vampire penguin, zombie guinea pigs. we're done for. >> reporter: for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. >> adam lennard is talking to us this morning, and thankfully, he's awake, and he joins us along with his wife, karen slavick-lennard. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi, good morning, matt. >> good to see you. this all started with one thing adam said in his sleep, which was "enough with the cheese, enough," and karen, you kind of kept it to yourself for a while, then decided to share this. why? >> we, i have to be honest, i don't think i ever quite kept it to myself. i subjected adam to all of our friends' ridicule pretty much from the beginning. >> right from the beginning, yeah. >> yeah. but for a long time, i -- yeah?
8:13 am
>> i was just going to say, adam, you are this mild-mannered guy when you're awake. everybody says you're the kindest, most well-mannered guy, and when you sleep, you're rude, you're x-rated. which is the real adam lennard? >> um, the real adam lennard that i'd love people to meet is definitely the one you're seeing now, the mild-mannered, english, restrained kind of guy. the one in my sleep i wouldn't want anybody really to meet. it's a bit extreme as a personality. >> adam, as you listen to the things you say in your sleep, have you tried to analyze them? can you remember some dreams you m remember having? >> that's the thing, i have no recollection whatsoever of any of the dreams i have had that night or about sleep-talking. and in respect to that, i suppose that's why i've never wanted to analyze them. i've never felt there was a need to. i very quickly bought into the humor of it, and karen's
8:14 am
enthusiasm has made me fall in love with what's actually being said, and we just enjoy the whole process of it now. >> let me just play a couple of others for our audience. here's some more of your musings at night, adam. >> okay. >> potato bags. i can't find my potato bags. i need them. who's got my potato bags? skipping to work makes everything better. >> some others here -- "butter nut squash, i like those words." "don't leave the duck there. it's totally irresponsible. put it on the swing. it will have more fun." "pork chops are more satisfying. mm-mmm, dangle them from the ceiling." now, let's get to the cynicism part here, adam and karen. we did a little unscientific poll in our control room this morning, and about 70% of the people think that perhaps this all started realistically and
8:15 am
you said some weird things, but maybe you're both embellishing these things now. how do you answer to that? >> the only way i can really answer that -- we know that there are going to be people who don't believe it, no matter what, even if we produced video, which we could just as easily fabricate, i have a very strong sense of security about the blog. so, i try to record everything exactly as adam says it. so, even if he says something boring, i include it. even if he says something completely nonsensical, like this morning, i include it. it's meant to be exactly what he says. so, there's not much i can say to cynics. people will have the opinion they'll have and that's okay with us. >> this was originally created for our friends and family, and how social media's picked up on it is, you know, fantastic. >> right. >> but really, in terms of trying to prove it to you, as i said before, spend the night with me and, really, we'll take it from there. >> adam's making offers that are
8:16 am
a little too complicated lately. >> with all due respect, adam, i'm going to pass on that. does this happen every single night, karen, or are there nights of pure silence? >> there are nights of silence, and when i wake up in those mornings, on o hand, i'm really pleased to have a full night's sleep. >> right. >> but i'm also sort of disappointed. and now that so many people are following the blog, i actually feel a sense of responsility. so many people write to us and say this is the first thing i do when i wake up every morning and i'm so excited for it. so, when i have nothing to share with them, i feel like i'm letting everybody down. >> no pssure to perform. >> well, karen and adam, we appreciate you spending time with us this morning. adam, i hope you find your potato bags. ah, thank you very much. >> thank you. take care. up next, we're goi to meet the man dubbed the impersonator in chief, right after this. pretty. ( laughs ) there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now.
8:17 am
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get unbeatable prices on new, fully activated verizon wireless, t-mobile, or at&t phones. they're a lot closer than you think. save money. live better. walmart. president obama marked his first year in office this week, but he is not the only washington fixture celebrating a milestone. a few years ago, we introduced you to comedian steve bridges, who is best known for impersonating the nation's chief executives. our national correspondent, jamie gangel, caught up with him again to see how he has transformed himself into esident obama. jamie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. he was worried about this, but you know, part of being president or a politician is people get to make fun of you, and steve bridges' speciality is doing just that.
8:21 am
♪ who can it be now >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> here i am. >> let me just be perfectly clear about this, i am hiding from hillary. ♪ who can it be now >> do i worry about hillary clinton? no. she's a girly man posing as a manly man. >> reporter: in real life, most people don't recognize steve bridges, but put the 46-year-old texas native into the hands of makeup genius mari okimora, and the transformation is stunning. ♪ poker face, pa, pa, poker face ♪ >> reporter: four hours later, out comes -- mr. president. so good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> thank you for coming to new york. >> reporte now take him for a walk down fifth avenue and watch what happens.
8:22 am
>> right here. quick. there we go. all right, here we go. perfect. uh huh, yeah. >> the president! >> reporter: despite that high praise, bridges admits, after eight years of george bush, he was nervous about taking on a new president. the last time we talked, who did we think the next president was going to be? >> well, we, along with everybody el, were thinking hillary. so, i could have been sitting here in drag. >> reporter: so, in walks barack obama -- >> yes. >> reporter: and what did you think? >> i was thinking this is going to be a challenge, yeah. >> reporter: were you concerned about the white guy doing the african-american? >> of course, of course. >> reporter: because? >> yeah, because that's just the way it is, you know. people just automatically think, you're a white guy, you're doing a black guy, i don't know, can you do that? you're doing an african-american president. but i'll tell you, after thinking about it for a while, after talking it through, it's like, eh, just do it.
8:23 am
♪ who are you, who, who >> thank you, thank you! >> reporter: ever since bridges has been perfecting his obama, he's had test audiences. >> i know. i can't believe it's me either. >> reporter: and as he does with each president, he looks for a trademark. for jimmy carter, it was the smile, the big smile. but then there was also the sincerity. then with reagan, it was that way of talking. and there's george sr. and as always, we have bill clinton, and i want to say sincerely. and then we went to "w," you know. and now we're moving on to barack obama. and he's got that way of ending a sentence with a boom, and he nails it. >> i believe in the job of immigrants. they do jobs that ordinary americans wouldn't wan to do, like being governor of california. >> it's a nerve-racking process. you look at every new president and you think, there's nothing there. give me something, please, give me something.
8:24 am
and after a while, every president is a giver. >> we must rebuild our roads and our bridges so the american people will have a place to live under. to jump off of. smile for the camera. say hi to everybody in connecticut. >> hey, connecticut! >> reporter: as for his favorite impersonation, bridges says it's always the one in office, and he confesses, it sometimes affects his vote. you have publicly said before that you're a republican, and you voted for president bush. >> yeah. >> reporter: so, can i ask you, did you vote for president obama? >> no, but i will the next time around. >> reporter: but with or without makeup, he loves to do them >> mr. president, good to be with you. >> reporter: you want to say good-bye to me? >> this is not good-bye. this is we'll see you later, because we all know that every president comes and goes, but
8:25 am
many of us stay and i will be here for a long time. god bless america. >> reporter: steve bridges is brilliant, and you know what, meredith? i don't even think he needs the makeup. just watching his mouth change every time he does it is -- he is amazing. >> i totally agree with you, jamie. that was a great piece, by the way. he really does, he transforms into the person, just the mannerisms and the way he speaks. that's great. >> and the thing he did at the end there, jamie, cannot be easy, where he goes from one to the other, sentence to sentence. >> reporter: it's true. and you know, matt, you were talking about it -- he does not look, obviously, exactly like president obama or president bush or arnold. it's just part of the appearance. what he would really like, though, is to do with president obama what he did with george bush, which was that side by side. >> side by side, yeah, that's cool. >> i would still like to see him in drag, but maybe in the future. thank you, jamie
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26 is our time, 37 degrees out there, a mix of winter weather is causing some delays and closures, keep watching your screen for those. and we have just heard the page county schools are now closed. they had been on a two-hour delay. it's friday the 26th of january. thousands of demonstrators will be gathering for the march for life in the district. it will mark the 37th anniversary of roe v. wade. there will be several road closures, that are expected to run from 9:00 until 5:00. let's take a break and come back and look at our weather forecast and
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, we have got a variety of precipitation on radar, this morning we have got mostly rain where you see the greens, blues and yellows. you see some sleet and this is advancing to the south. could see a change over to some sleet in the metro area in the next three to four hours. temperatures are generally above freezing so it will melt a bit. ashley, how's the traffic? >> 395 is a trying commute as you travel northbound. the problem is along the southeast-southwest freeway. the accident is cleared but the delays remain. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes
8:29 am
with another news update. be sure to keep an eye on the screen
8:30 am
8:30 now on friday morning, the 22nd of january 2010. lo at this crowd of
8:31 am
8:32 am
#. good morning, we have years of light to moderate rain across
8:33 am
virginia and maryland this morning. there's a combination of sleet and freezing rain northwestern loudoun county. later on today, perhaps it's a trace of some snow and sleet around the metro area, drying out tonight into saturday. that's your latest weather. any time you want to check your weather, go to the weather channel on cable or online. and speaking of the weather channel, my partner in crime on "wake up with al" -- 6:00 a.m. eastern, 5:00 central on the weather channel -- she's stopped by. why are you here, stephanie? >> stephanie! >> because we have a new show coming up on the weather channel called "weather-proof." remember mr. wizard? >> sure. >> it's like mr. wizard on steroids. we do all sorts of weather experiments to find out if what we're telling people is true. like, does golf ball-sized hail
8:34 am
really cause dents in cars? so we launched golf ball-sized hail onto a car. >> what did you learn? >> well, i can't tell you. you have to watch. if we give it away, no one will watch. >> this is also about fire. >> this is our episode about fire. they always say if you landscape your house a certain way, it will be safer from fire. is that really true? >> and the idea is you're giving people information to help in an emergency. >> absolutely. right now in southern california, we're dealing with the flooding and everything. and we always tell people, six inches of water will sweep you off your feet. so, is that true? and how do you get out of a car? we've heard so many different tech neeltss. >> wait a minute, you're not going in the car as it goes under water, are you, stephanie? >> no, you are. >> oh. >> that's the twist. >> that sounds like fun! >> you try out different techniques. this is our tornado episode, and there was a safehouse. and i always thought you had to be under ground to survive a tornado. well, we tested that theory out with this safe house and i can't tell you -- >> so, obviously, you learned a
8:35 am
lot here, some surprises for you doing this. >> yes, a few surprises. and i just understand so much better the product now. i feel like i can warn people better, and you have to do this or you don't have to do that. >> that's great. >> and when did you sleep? >> exactly. >> this show's on at night. you've got "wake up with al" -- >> well, i am waking up with al every morning, so i get to bed at some point. >> so, the show premiered, new season premiere, sunday, 9:00/8:00 central. >> yes, 9:00 eastern, and i'm doing a live web chat as well. so peek can logon and we can talk as well. >> and then you'll be up in time for "wake up with al" -- >> the next morning, yes. >> at 6:00.m. on the weather channel. >> you'll be broken within a month, i'm telling you. >> what do you mean a month? she's drunk right now! >> all right, stephanie, good luck show. >> thank you, steph. when we come back, meredith gets ready for her first winter olympics by tackling or talking to -- >> tackling? >> you want to talk to, i guess the most famous and most successful u.s. ice dancing
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: "today's countdown to vancouver" is brought to you by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. this morning on "today's countdown to vancouver," three weeks and counting. we are now just 21 days from the opening ceremony. u.s. ice dancing duo tanith belbin and ben agosto hope to be there and go for the gold after winning silver at last olympics games. i caught up with them recently to find out what i need to know about the winter olympics. the passion. thrhythm. the synchronicity. at the last winter games, tanith belbin and ben agosto became the first u.s. ice dance team to take home an olympic medal in 30 years. they won the silver.
8:39 am
>> belbin and agosto lighting up the crowd. >> reporter: now they are aiming for the gold. look at your smile. is that an oh, my god smile or a yes, i feel good smile? >> i think we're at a certain point in our careers and our skating where we feel confident enough that we do believe that we can be the best. >> absolutely, we're aiming for the gold. i really think that the fact that we've been through an olympics already and we have an 11-year partnership together is really going to be to our benefit. >> how much fun was that? >> reporter: you have duel citizenship. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: canada and the u.s. are you going to be split? >> i never competed for team canada internationally. i've only ever been a part of team usa. so, in terms of what i associate with my skating, my career and my adulthood, it's definitely an american connection. >> reporter: with one olympics under their skates, a flair for fashion and knowing the ins and outs of a cold environment, i decided to pick their brain on what to pack for my first winter
8:40 am
olympics. i am not prepared. i've never done ainter olympics before, but i think that style's important, right? >> absolutely. i would recommend the earmuffs. >> look at that. >> beautiful. perfect. >> and also, because of all the gold medals from the u.s. team, you're going to be looking at all the bling, you'll have to shade your eyes. i think these would be good. >> oh, i can't take it. >> nice choice. you definitely want to wear a lot of layers. >> so, should i try that one on? >> definitely. more and more vancouver ready by the minute. >> ugh. i look like a moose. >> it's perfect for canada. >> reporter: tanith and ben met as teenagers. you really went after ben, right? >> i was after any partner i could get my hands on. >> reporter: tanith, only 12, and ben, just 15, were both in search of a partner. >> it's a lot like eharmony in a waf. there's this network of coaches that have a lot of single dancers looking for partners,
8:41 am
and they communicate and set up tryouts, and you basically have a blind date on the ice. and ben was just like off the bat perfect for me. >> i made a stupid joke she laughed at. yes! it's going well. and it was easy, it was comfortable and it was fun, and right away we knew that it was going to work. >> reporter: and work, it did. since torino, the two have continued to excel in ice dance. but with highs have also come lows. ben suffered a back injury which kept him off the ice for most of last year, leaving tanith to train on her own. and the duo had a coaching shake-up. after ten years with one coach, you switched. why? >> after ten years, we felt like we were kind of as far as our own skating, we had kind of plateaued, and we didn't think we were progressing the way we wanted to and felt a little stagnant just in our own growth as athletes and skaters. >> we just truthfully needed a change of scenery to motivate ourselves again to push further. >> belbin and agosto.
8:42 am
>> well, it was terrific! >> reporter: this is probably going to be your last olympics. >> yeah. >> reporter: is that hard now, kind of bittersweet? >> it is and it isn't, because we've been doing this our whole lives, and this is really all that we've gotten to know. and so, there's a lot out there that we'd like to experience. >> we've only been apart for a maximum of two weeks in the past 11 years. we've never not seen each other for longer than that, so it's going to be difficult not to see each other every single day and i think that's what we are cherishing the most this year is our time together. >> they are so talented and so nice. tanith and ben are currently competing at the at&t u.s. figure skating championships, and you can watch the competition tonight on universal sports with live coverage on nbc tomorrow and sunday at 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern time. and again, the opening ceremony of the winter olympics just three weeks from today on february 12th right here on nbc. up next, "from bow to
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:44 with another installment of "from bow to wow," where we take shelter dogs we clean them up a little and we find tm brand new homes. so far, we ve a perfect adoption record. jill rappaport is our resident animal lover. jill, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. why not start the new year with a wonderful, new dog? and we have another great group to choose from, all sizes, all shapes and all waiting to be adopted. at the animal care and control of new york city, meet this month's foursome, starting with sir lancelot, a standard poodle mix deluxe. oh, i really should bow to sir lancelot, huh? >> sir lancelot, yeah. we like to call him lance, but what a unique dog. we don't get a lot of these breeds, a standard poodle, he's 4 years old. >> he's huge!
8:46 am
i'm glad i wore my riding boots. >> but isn't he great? >> gentle giant, right? >> great disposition on this guy, absolutely. >> reporter: up next, mild-mannered miles, a yorkie mix. look at adorable miles. >> this is miles, a year and a half, yorkie. >> yorkie mix, right? >> yep. he was found tied to a tree in brooklyn. so, he was just left out there on his own. >> here he was left tied to a tree and look what a love bug he is. >> he is. he's great. >> he's so sweet and affectionate. and get ready for bradford, who's got quite the look. woo! talk about a bundle of love! is this sir lancelot's baby? >> he's a scottish terrier shih tzu mix. he's a year and a half old. unfortunate, though, but his owner was evicted from their home and now they're actually homeless, so they had to give up their pet. so, that's why he's with us. >> reporter: and last but not least, a female poodle mix named paisley. and finally, a female! >> here we've got paisley, yep. she's 5 years old. she was found in an abandoned
8:47 am
building, and the neighbors in the area were feeding her for about a week, looking for the owner, hoping the owner would come forward, and they never did. >> look at how docile and calm. >> she doesn't move, is not trying to wiggle out. she's very comfortable in your arm. >> and she's not shaking. >> she's not shaking. >> four loveable dogs looking for a real home. >> jill, and joining us, as always, richard gentles from animal care and control of new york city. richard, welcome back. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> before bring our "bow to wow" participants out, let's remind people, when they call up, if they have interest in adopting any of these dogs there is a small fee? >> yep, there's a small fee, anywhere between $50 and $125. it includes spay and neutering, vaccinations, a microchip. so, it's a great, great deal. >> all right, richard, thank you very much. let's start off with paisley, and paisley was a 5-year-old female. before we bring paisley out, let's take a look at the picture. and there's paisley. paisley needed a little fixing up. >> little makeover. >> a little bit. >> buts a great temperament, cute dog, right? >> really is.
8:48 am
>> ann has paisley now. let's see how she looks after her makeover. not ann, but paisley. >> i may need a makeover, but look at paisley. >> she's so adorable. >> she's been at home since she's been here this morning. >> she was in an abandoned home and is so affectionate. >> she needed a refresher course on her house-breaking, but otherwise, she's great. >> she's done with that course. >> as she holds her. >> thank you. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. paisley, you look marvelous. next dog we want to bring out is bradford. just to remind people what bradford looked like before, bradford had a lot of hair going on there. and bradford is what, richard, a year and a half old? >> yeah, a year and a half old, yep. >> male scottie mix, 25 pounds. stephanie abrams has bradford today. >> so soft. >> he lost his buffant and his hair is out of his eyes, but -- >> he's a really cute dog. >> he is an unbelievable dog.
8:49 am
>> i can't tell you how soft he is, too, seriously. >> and he's a big kisser. >> oh, good. >> go for it. >> and temperament, they've all been tested for temperament. they're still dogs -- >> yeah, we do evaluations before so we know a good fit for the home he should be in. >> does he look tough to you? >> not a bit, not a bit. bradford and stephanie, thank you very much. the third dog we wanted to talk about was miles. miles, a year and a half old, a male yorkshire-terrier mix weighing 11 pounds. there's the picture of miles before the big makeover. and now, natalie has miles this morning. >> aww. >> natalie, bring him out. >> look at that face. >> what a difference. >> what a cute face. >> miles has a lot of energy, so if you're an energetic person, have an energetic family, he'd be great for you. >> he's still a puppy, right? >> still a puppy. >> maybe in the country. >> he likes to run? >> he likes to run. he's a puppy, so he has a lot of energy yet. >> very cute. miles, thank you. natalie, thank you. >> uh huh. >> and the last dog this morning is lance. let's see his picture right now
8:50 am
beforehand. >> sir lancelot. >> right. and let's take a look with meredith, the after version of lance. wow, you guys did a great job. >> it actually looks like a standard poodle now that his face is shaved, his feet are shaved. so, he looks more like the typical standard poodle look. >> 4 years old, 75 pounds. seems little more spaced out -- >> a little more space. he'd be good in a home with teenage kids or no kids at all. >> the owner that had him, their child tried to ride him, so, that's why they realized he had to be given up. he's for walking, not riding. >> reminds me, i need a shave, too. >> why would you share that? all right -- >> we're friends. >> let's bring all of our dogs out and remind people that these dogs are available, also, a lot of dogs at your local shelter, so give someone -- >> okay, no, no. >> be careful of miles. he likes -- >> richard, as always, thank you very much. we appreciate it jill, good to see you. and to find out more about these
8:51 am
dogs you can go to our website at >> these two might have to go together. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful. people love 'em! gecko: yeah, thank you sir. turned out nice. boss: got another one for you. anncr: at, it's easy to get a free rate quote, manage your policy, make payments or even file a claim! boss: now that's a ringtone. gecko: uh's interesting.... certainly not the worst ringtone i've ever heard... ♪ ringtone lyrics: a-ringedy- ding-ding-dingy-dong, ringedy-dong-ding-ding... ♪ gecko (to himself): yeah, that might be the worst.
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anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. harrison ford stars in a new movie opening today called "extraordinary measures," but our gene shalit thinks that you should take extraordinary measures to avoid it.
8:53 am
>> good morning, and welcome to the "critic's corner." in "extraordinary measures," failm loosely based on fact, an ordinary joe named john -- brendan frasier -- has two children who are doomed by the rare pompeii disease. in despair, he tracks down a scientist, dr. harrison ford, obsessed with finding a cure. now, the doctor's a grouchy occur munn john. "get lost," he says, "there's no money for research." john says, i'll raise the money. >> well, not all the money's in place, but it will be, and soon. >> he's bluffing. he couldn't raise dust in the desert! >> $500,000. >> are you totally insane? >> apparently. >> but through a merger, they get funded, and doc's experiments lead the way through the last days of pompeii. >> can't cure your kids, you know that. they're always going to be in wheelchairs, but i think i can save their lives. >> while ford is an actor of
8:54 am
note, this time his note is flat. brendan frasier, he's in the wrong picture altogether. maybe he thought this was another "mummy" movie. uh-uh. this is mummy and daddy, and he's got nothing to chase but some enzyme. >> we push ourselves, we work around the clock. >> i already work around the clock! >> also present, but no gift, is carrie russell, wrapped in a nothing role. >> do we just accept our fate and do what we're told by all the well-meaning doctors or do we fight it? >> how odd that this medical movie suffers from hollywood's recurrent ancient ailment laborious tedeium. >> i will restrain him. >> amen to that. and that's the "critic's corner" for today. >> so, if you read in between the lines, i think he liked it. i really do. >> you know, every once in a while, it rubs him the wrong way. >> yeah.
8:55 am
>> clearly rubbed him the wrong way. >> i feel so bad, though. >> that's all right. you know, if you're not going to a movie this weekend, you can stay home and watch the nfc and afc championship games, which i know you're going to do. >> the jets this weekend? why do you give me the look like i wouldn't -- >> the jets are playing the colts. >> and the colts and the san diego chargers? >> that was last week -- >> but didn't they win? >> no, no, the jets beat them. >> oh, the jets beat them. >> it's the saints versus the vikings. >> pull back. stop here. >> the vikings, the older guy. >> we are going to watch and we are going to talk football on monday. >> who's going to be playing in football? i say the vikings are playing -- who's the other team? >> the team that beat indianapolis. >> the jets. that's my pick for the super bowl.
8:56 am
8:55 is our time right now, 37 degrees here in the nation's capital. good morning, i'm joe krebs. in the news4 today, thousands of demonstrators will be gathering for the march for life, it will mark the 37th anniversary of rew v. wade. parts of seventh street, f street, tenth street, first street and constitution avenue will be closed from 9:00 until 5:00 today. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather and our traffic. st if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
8:57 am
8:58 am
due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. good morning, radar showing a variety of precipitation around the region, as we approach mid morning, still raining across much of virginia 2. white zone getting some snow now and temperatures are right near the freezing mark west and north, we're in the mid 30s elsewhere.
8:59 am
there migh be a brief period of snow and sleet later on this afternoon and then drying out sunday and monday. ashley, how is the traffic. between route 50 and 66, we had high standing water due to some drainage problems. so heavy from braddock up to 66. 95 has much improved but 395 is still slow headed toward the 14. >> we'll be back in 25 mutes with another news update
9:00 am
we are back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. it's the 22nd day of january 2010. some nice people hanging around on the plaza. it's nice to see them. it's a little chilly out there, although i guess not so bad. >> not too bad. >> temperature in the mid-30s, which is good for this time of year. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. al had to leave just a little bit early this morning. meanwhile, the weather on the west coast, natalie -- >> we've been getting getting i >> still a huge story. a couple big storms continue to pound southern california. already, those storms have dumped up to 15 inches of rain in some areas, 5 inches in l.a. fears of huge mud slides are forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. that, of course, in the
9:01 am
foothills. and more rain is expected today. we're going to have the latest on that wild weather coming up in a couple minutes. >> all in that burn area, too, which is certainly not helping the situation. >> more vulnerable. >> exactly. also ahead, some questions -- some diet questions answered. "today's" diet and nutrition editor, joy bauer, is back with us once again to field some of your concerns on weight loss and health. this morning, tackling that annoying point when you're chugging along on that diet, and then all of a sudden, the scale just stops moving? well, they call it a plateau, but it can feel like a brick wall for a lot of you going through it right now. we'll have more on getng through that and reaching your goals, coming up. also, advice everyone who does this job needs, five easy tips for getting the best possible sleep of your life. we'll share those with you and we'll all be listening intently. first, let's go over to the news desk. ann's standing by with all the headlines. >> thanks. >> good morning. >> good morning, you guys. and in the news this morning, everybody -- good morning, once again. it's the tenth day after that devastating earthquake in hawaii, and survivors are still struggling to get food, water and other critical supplies in
9:02 am
haiti. a u.s. charity reports that on thursday, men armed with sticks stole about 50 tons of food in haiti, and the government temporarily moved more than 400,000 people out of port-au-prce to reduce the risk of disease in the capital city. tonight, nbc news will be among the networks carrying a fund-raising telethon to help in the relief effort. "hope for haiti now" airs at 8:00/7:00 central time. more rain today in parts of southern california, already saturated by a week of powerful pacific storms. we've got nbc's george lewis in los angeles with more on this story. hey, george, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. this community, la canada flintridge, lies just below the area burned in last year's big l.a. county brush fires. the fear is that with enough water, these baron hillsides could come tumbling down in a torrent of mud and debris. with rain falling on these hills at the rate of more than an inch an hour, the ground is
9:03 am
completely saturated, and the water has to find someplace to go. officials say that's why they've asked residents of almost 2,000 homes to leave. >> there's still the threat of mud and debris slides and debris flows. there's mud and water in the streets. >> reporter: debbie harris is among those who decided to ignore the warnings. >> it's not that far down the hill for us, so even if we have to walk out, it would be okay. >> reporter: flooding all over southern california has been a major headache this week, snarling traffic. >> this is one of those low-lying areas where water tends to pond. >> reporter: and creating a mini niagara just off the long beach freeway. the campus of cal state university long beach was closed because of flooding in several buildings. some 60 miles east of los angeles, san bernardino county sheriff's deputies used a helicopter to rescue a man and a woman trapped by floodwaters in the normally dry santa ana river wash. in the high sierra, a major
9:04 am
crash involving several big rigs and other vehicles in a snowstorm caused the closure of westbound interstate 80. an suv with a mother and two babies plowed into one of the trucks, but the three of them survived. weather also fouled air transportation, forcing southwest airlines to cancel more than 400 flights in california and arizona. as the storms moved eastward, they've dumped more than a foot of snow on flagstaff, arizona, a place where these kinds of conditions are a novelty. now, back here in california, the rain and snow are expected to taper off tonight, but officials warn it will be up to 72 hours after the skies clear before the danger of mud slides subsides. ann? >> all right, george lewis this morning. george, thanks. airports in india are on high alert today. intelligence officials say that they've uncovered a plot by militants linked to al qaeda to hijack a plane. today, defense secretary
9:05 am
robert gates told pakistan's military officers that fighting terrorists along afghanistan's border is in pakistan's interests asell as washington's. toyota is recalling more than 2 million vehicles to fix accelerator pedals with mechanical problems that can cause them to become stuck. the recall includes rav4s, corollas, avalons, camrys and tundras. for more information on this, you can go to our website at those are some of the top stories at five minutes past the hour. let's now go back to matt. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. we're going to swing out and get a forecast this morning from the weather channel's stephanie abrams, who, as we said, is here while al had to skip out a little early. >> yeah, that's right, and we're celebrating birthdays on the plaza. melissa, it's your mom's birthday. i'll cover it -- you put how old she was, but you say we have to cover it. >> happy birthday, mom! we love you. >> that's one. we also have a 10-year-old celebrating her birthday. what do you want for your birthday? >> this trip. >> good. i'm glad you got what you wanted for your birthday. let's look at what kind of weather you'll encounter through the day today.
9:06 am
unfortunately, messy good morning, radar showing snow in frederick and washington county, and the white zone and the pink zone there's some sleet in the panhandle of western virginia and this is moving south. there's a band of very heavy rain stretch to near fredericksburg and south and east of there. temperatures are in the mid 30s around the region and we will see it hold steady for the rest of the day. we might see it change over to snow throughout the rest of the afternoon. and i found yet another birthday, 24 years. what is this, california, texas, new york? how does that work? >> my husband's in the marine corps, in california, and we went to texas to pick up some family and we're here for my birthday. >> love it natalie, over to you. >> thank you so much, stephanie. this morning on "diet sos," we're tackling your diet
9:07 am
problems. from beating the weight plateau to cooking with ken was, diet and nutrition editor joy bauer. >> good morning, natalie. >> we have great questions, so let's get to them. tamara is with us on skype from kentucky. go ahead with your question. >> hi, tamara! >> hi, joy. my question is, why do i sabotage myself? just when i start to make progress, i'll set myself back with small, careless mistakes. so, how can i work to reward myself nutritiously when i've done well? >> one we all do. we're all guilty of that, right? >> that's right. >> yeah. >> and i think, tamra, your best strategy is to take one day at a time, and you have to be your personal diet coach. you want to be positive, you want to be motivating, encouraging, but most importantly, you want to be consistent. you want to start each day with powerful self talk. and here are a few strategies that could really help keep you on track so you do, this time,
9:08 am
finally reach your goals. the first thing is to track your progress every single day. i want you to write down what your weight is on a daily basis. create a graph or some sort of, you know, list. and then also, pick up one of these little pads that you could stick in your purse. >> like a journal. >> yes. >> right. >> and in that morning time, when you're doing your self talk, i want you to think about the challenges and the obstacles that you're going to have during the day and jot them down. it may be i'm going to pass by that vending machine or i'm not going to be coerced into ordering the tuna melt or cheeseburger by my co-worker. and every single time you hit one of these goals, you're going to check it off, because it's such great incentive to stay on track when you see your accomplishments. >> nothing better than checking off that goal, right? >> i love checking off those lists. >> and you also say allow yourself some fun food. how important is that to give yourself that one thing? >> very, very important, because we all know that deprivation will backfire with a vengeance. so, i say you want to allow yourself one daily fun food each and every single day.
9:09 am
and portion it out at about 150 calories. that may mean two to three small cookies or a scoop of some light ice cream. it could even mean some popcorn or a glass of wine. and i would save it for later in the day so you have it to look forward to. >> right. >> and it could sort of help you to pass on some of the temptations that you see on a regular basis. >> don't overdo it, but exactly. >> i think one more thing to point out is she needs to make a list of non food rewards -- a pedicure, a manicure, maybe renting a movie with a friend. and every time she loses five pounds, she treats herself to one of those prizes, because we love prizes. >> yeah. >> and a prize doesn't mean a piece of chocolate cake. there are so many other things that you can look forward to. >> we'll keep you on your goal. >> so, i hope that helps. >> next question i think is another one that so many dieters can relate to. we havcharna on the phone with us from illinois. good morning, charna, what's your question for joy? >> hi, charna.
9:10 am
>> caller: good morning, joy. i made a new years resolution to lose 17 pounds that i gained over the past year and a half. i do cardio every day. i've been following a 1,500-calorie meal plan and i started shedding weight pretty consistently over the past 2 1/2 weeks but then hit a plateau, and the scale seems stuck, and i don't know what to do. i'm starting to lose motivation. can you please hp me? >> good for you, though. that's amazing what you've done so far, right? >> and the dreaded plateau, ugh. i'm glad you asked this question because there are a lot of people that need this answer. >> yeah. >> you know, unfortunately, it's often inevitable that you hit a plateau, and some of the reason may be this. when you started the diet, you were losing effortlessly at 1,500 calories, but as you lose weight and you get smaller, your body, unfortunately -- this is very unfair -- requires fewer calories. so, the first thing i tell you is you may need to just shave off 100 or 200 calories and aim for somewhere between 1,200 and 1,400 calories a day and see if that helps. something you can do to boost
9:11 am
your metabolism -- kudos for that cardio exercise. that's great. but if you add two to three days a week of some light strength training, what you do is you increase your muscle tone, and when you increase that muscle mass, you boost your metabolism. so, you're going to burn more calories. another thing to think about is when the newness of a diet starts to wear off, we tend to get a little loosey-goosey with our portions and a little bit of the mindless eating kicks in. so, now is the time to whip out those measuring cups and the spoons. and the other thing i would say is -- >> be careful not to eat after dinner. >> close down that kitchen after dinner, because women in particular tend to like to nibble at night into the evening, and the calories add up. so, brush and floss your teeth, sip on a nice herbal tea, maybe even try the whitening teeth strips, anything that's going to keep you out of the kitchen. >> all right, well, we thank charna for that question. next, an e-mail from ashley in oswego, new york.
9:12 am
ashley asks -- i've been hearing a lot about quinoa. what is it and how can i cook with it?" it's the hot grain right now, right? >> it's a superfood. it's typically in the category of whole grains because it has a similar nutritional profile, fwhut reality, it's a protein-rich seed. one cup is about eight grams of protein, and it's great for vegetarians because it has all of the essential imenino acids that your body needs to tlirhri and you can find it in the supermarkets with the rice or in the natural foods section. it's super easy to cook with. the only tricky part is take the uncooked seeds and rinse them under water, because there's a bitter compound called siponin on the outer covering, that once you get off, you boil it up just like rice, either with water or low-sodium chicken broth, and then you can enjoy it as a breakfa breakfast porridge, just like oatmeal, or make a pilaf and add
9:13 am
in fruit, or a salad with vegetables, swiss charred and raisins -- >> you can cook for me any day, joy. >> delicious. >> you're making me hungry. >> people will love quinoa. >> it's great. next, outside on the plaza, laurie took a pink party bus out here from pennsylvania for her 40th birthday. congratulations, happy birthday! >> oh, happy birthday. >> thank you. my question is, as i'm turning 40, what should i eat, what sorts of fruits and vegetables to keep my skin looking healthy? >> ah, 40 the big four-oh. by the way, you're a baby. >> thank you. >> when it comes to foods that help your skin make it radiant and keep it glowing, you want to think about beta carotene, and when you think about beta carotene-rich foods, you think bright orange and dark greens. so, your best options are going to be sweet potatoes, carrots, spina
9:14 am
spinach. what i do with spinach is make a nice marinara sauce and put in an entire bag of baby spinach leaves and i wilt it in and toss it with either whole wheat pene or put it over grilled chicken. also, take advantage of the winter squashes, again, that deep orange. >> right. >> pumpkin is great as well. >> omegas are also great for your skin, right? like anti-inflammatories. >> omegas are good for everything. >> everything. >> again, wild salmon and sardines and ground flax seeds. so, we want to go bright orange, deep green and the fatty fish. >> exactly. okay. great. thanks, laurie. congratulations and happy birthday, again. >> happy birthday. >> thank you! >> next question is from terry in glenwood, new jersey. go ahead, terry. she's joining us from skype. good morning. >> hi, terry. >> good morning. >> uh-oh. [ inaudible ] >> a non stressful way to lose belly fat. i had three back operations and i'm unable to work out and diet alone is not helping me.
9:15 am
do y have any suggestions? >> definitely, and there's good news and bad news when it comes to belly fat. the bad news is, you can't spot reduce. there's no one trick i can tell you that will blast away any one spot on your body, including belly fat. but the good news is, if you eat less and you move a little bit more, you're going to lose weight all over your body, and it's going to hit the belly as well. so, you can get rid of the belly fat. now, because you can't really exercise, it's going to be super important that you really, really tighten up your food. i would say you want to aim for between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day, and take advantage to help fill yourself up of the low-caloribut high-volume foods, like the nonstarchy vegetables. you could do broth-based vegetable soups. fruit, particularly, berries and oranges and grapefruits. air-popped popcorn is going to be one of the best snacks you could eat. and you also want to limit the
9:16 am
foods that we hear about are so healthy but they're very calorie dense. >> right. >> for example, dried fruit, olive oils, avocados. again, they're very, very healthy for you, but the calories add up quick. >> right. >> so, just be very careful with them. >> good luck to you, terry. >> i hope this helps. >> good luck. >> good luck, terry! >> we wish you the best. >> thank you. >> joy, as always, you are a master. thank you for helping us all out. >> thank you, natalie. still to come, the positive power of plants, from your overall health to easing the sniffles. what you can grow to help you feel better. up next, a glimmer of hope for the people of haiti. dr. nancy's reporting there live. then... well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, e loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two
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9:19 am
saving lives in haiti with over 200,000 earthquake survivors in desperate need of medical care, but now a state-of-the-art hospital has arrived on the scene. we have nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman here with more. nancy, this is like the cavalry arriving. >> reporter: it is the cavalry, and the coordination to get out there to the cavalry remai an issue a bit, ann, because as you know, the injuries just continue to pour in, and there has been a call all week for good doctors and nurses and a safe place for patients to go. and yes, now there is a place that has all three of those things. while so many medical personnel are exhausted and weary after ten days of dealing with catastrophic injuries, agony and death, relief is here.
9:20 am
united states naval ship "comfort" has pulled into port-au-prince. dr. tim donohue is the chief of surgery. >> hopefully, we'll stress relieve for the staff ashore. >> reporter: the staff performs humanitarian work all year but is especially trained to respond to crises like the. the "comfort" is a 1,00bed floating hospital equipped to handle almost anything. >> we've seen just about most of the bones you can have broken. you name it, we can just about do it. >> reporter: since the doors opened on tuesday night, patients have flooded in, air-lifted from the mainland. isaiah has a fractured arm and a lacerated scalp. like most of the people air-lifted here, he received some basic first aid but is in need of real medical treatment. >> he felt the ground shake, and when he went to run, the wall started to fall, so some of the cinder blocks fell on him. >> reporter: whi the "comfort" falls under the command of the na, there's an unusual
9:21 am
situation here. civilian doctors and nurses, if they have the right credentials, can come on board and volunteer their services. everyone on board has seen the pictures and heard the reports ofhe devastation, and they are prepared. but being prepared for patients and being prepared for the stress of the on-theob work for the doctors and nurses when facing such sadness can be very different things. how do you guys support each other? >> you know, it really is a really pretty close-knit team. we've also identified resources, the chaplain, we have got an amal number of mental health professionals, if need be. >> reporter: but for now, it's the health of the haitians that matters and getting a population back on its feet. ann, i have to tell you, i'm quite surprised that there are still so many severely wounded who are walking the streets of haiti. we came across a 12-year-old yesterday who had been seen at one of the roadside clinics, treated with some rudimentary
9:22 am
medicine, an iv put in, a catheter, and sent back to his tent city. we got him someplace else. we'll have that update on him tonight on "nightly." meantime, the other concern, infectious diseases -- typhoid, measles, polio, meningitis, and hopefully, not alcoholera. >> thanks for your job as a correspondent and on the ground. >> you bet, ann. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've wanted to quit smoking so many times, but those days came and went and the cigarettes remained. ♪ today's a new day. talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
9:26 is your time now, 37 degrees, cloudy skies overhead. winter weather still on the way, tom will have some answers after the news. good morning, everyone, a team of local red cross volunteers are packing up a plane bound fo haiti. they will begin loading up 2,000 pounds of emergency supplies. the six-member team will soon be leaving for haiti with those supplies to assist with the earthquake relief efforts in that country. we'll
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, we have got a variety of precipitation around the region. on this friday morning, we have got rain across much of virginia, moderate to heavy rain band from fredericksberg up to culpepper county. up to the north there's a combination of snow and sleet. colder air will be moving in later on as we get into the late afternoon and evening house, we'll see a brief period of snow and sleet and temperatures should be above freezing so we shouldn't have any road problems, everything on the roads remaining wet. we will get some moderate to heavy rain sunday night and monday morning. how's the traffic. >> here's 270 in montgery county, hyattstown, we don't have any interstate accidents on the legion bridge. we'll end up in springfield, take a look at i-95 which is in good shape here. a little slow on 395 at landmark and at the 14th street bridge.
9:29 am
>> we'll be back in 25 minutes for another news update.
9:30 am
♪ never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and dessert you ♪ ♪ never gonna make you cry, never gonna say good-bye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ♪ he writes thehe songs that make the whole world sing. now barry manilow is taking on some of the greatest love songs of all time, and he's going to be here to croon one for us live monday morning here on "today." and we've get a couple of barry manilow fans here -- >> banilows is what we're called. >> stephanie abrams, along with jenna wolfe, who are major man low -- >> stalkers. >> we don't stalk -- >> i'm fine with the word. >> jenna's okay with that, apparently. >> i promote the stalking part
9:31 am
of that, aspect. >> it's good lawyers know that. >> lawyers know that. they're aware. he's coming with an entourage. we understand. >> also joining us, lester holt is back from haiti along with jenna, and you guys did such a good job there. we'll talk about why you're here now in a moment. meantime, let's talk about what's coming up this half hour. we have a topic that's of great interest to all of us around here, and that's sleep. >> something we don't get a lot of. so many of us get up in the middle of the night, but millions of people who don't work crazy hours actually have a hard time getting enough sleep as well. and in a moment, we'll talk about five simple ways to improve your rest time and maybe even make you smarter and happier as a result. >> okay. also, on this theme of feeling better and doing something for our health, we also have something about plants, and basically, air-purifying ferns to stress-relievers tease. we have p. allen smith here to tell us what plants can do to not only brighten up our homes, but also make us healthier and happier. first, at forementioned lester holt and jenna wolfe are back from haiti with an idea of
9:32 am
what's coming up this weekend. still talking about haiti? >> yeah. this story is not going to go away for a long time. we'll have the latest from haiti. the rescue work continues, the search-and-recovery effort. just things moving on so many different levels and we'll try to nail down where things are and where they need to go. >> it's amazing. you guys did such a great job. >> thank you. we're approaching the 1,000th day since madeleine mccann disappeared from a resort in portugal. where is the investigation going now? where are we with that? we'll have the answers to some of those questions. and i'm ready to lighten the mood up a little bit with a fun story. it was the 1972 tv series that stood out from the crowd, "sanford and son." >> yeah. >> you were man low fans. i was a fan of this show. i sit down with the man who played lamont, or big dummy, as fred used to call him. we'll get the inside secrets of this classic show this weekend on "today." >> do you remember the theme show? ♪ >> quincy jones, i want to say, did that song. >> really? i didn't know that. >> classic. that was one of the best show
9:33 am
openings of all time. all right, let's get a check of the weather, meanwhile -- ♪ >> there we go! >> that doesn't sound like what we were just singing. >> stephanie abrams -- >> sort of. we were butchering it. >> what were we singing? >> do your weather to the music. >> all right, let's get you into the weekend and talk about what we're all going to see on saturday and where you can be rockin' out with some nice weather, and that's along the east coast, a little on the cold side. the center of the country is where we will see some ice as we head into the second half of the weekend. ♪ good morning, we have rain, sleet and freezing rain and snow, all happening simultaneously around the viewing area. where you see the white, it's snow into northern pennsylvania and parts of the pan handle of west virginia. the rest of this the rain, this is going to continue into the afternoon hours and actually may change over to a little bit of snow and sleet where it's raining now. just a trace of accumulation by
9:34 am
the time it all ends late this afternoon. sun back tomorrow. so, that's your weekend forecast. >> well done. >> classic! >> yes. >> well done. coming up, we'll be talking about something you need to sleep, five steps. listen, this music is not one of them. did you know go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
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9:38 am
this morning on "today's health," how to get the best sleep of your life. managing to get the recommended seven hours can be tough, but it is essential, because a good night's zs can be the key to keeping you smarter, calmer and happier. and here with five helpful hints for better sleep are "ladies' home journal" deputy editor margo gilman and sleep specialist margat ash. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> something nea and dear to us, getting sleep, because we never get enough around here, occupational hazard. what is the impact on your body when you don't sleep? >> it has so many different impacts. most of us think it's okay to skimp on sleep when we have a lot to do, but actually, it's counter productive because it makes us less effective. it lacks our ability to remember, our ability to think
9:39 am
it affects our ability to problem-solve. we deal with stress less well. and in addition, lack of sleep is associated with an increased risk of certain diseases, with weight gain, with having more accidents. >> and carol, when you talk about weight gain, when you're feeling bad, you're just, a lot of times we don't realize it's the lack of sleep that's hurting us, right? >> unfortunately, we misread our body cues. we don't understand that we get up in the mortganing and might l a little down. it might not be that you're not coping as well. it might be that you're not sleeping as well and therefore less able to cope. >> and affects it mood. >> emotions are fragile. >> and with "ladies' home journal" out in february, you write an article about the rest of your life. >> yes. >> and there are five tips you go through to help us g a better night's sleep. one of the things you say people need to do is learn to slow things down a bit before going to bed at night. >> yeah. you've got to start wding down in advance of bedtime. don't decide right at the last minute before you go to bed that now's the perfect time to clean out the closet or empty the dishwasher.
9:40 am
>> i do that all the time. >> some people do. you want to give your body the signals that it's time to transition, to slow down, to get sleepy. so, do something that's relaxing. take a warm bath. you know, dim the lights, turn off the television. do whatever it is that relaxes you, read a book, but don't, you know, get yourself so busy -- >> worked. >> -- and energized, worked up. >> because you start unloading the dishwasher and then see everything else that needs to be cleaned. carol, a lot of people will have the tv in the bedroom and will turn it on and just think mindless tv watching, but that gets the mind going, right? >> it really does. we fail to recognize the physiology. as she was pointing out, you need an hour to wind down before sleep. it's a change of state. so the chemicals for alertness and sleeping is different, and it's no different than changing the set on a show. you need time to transition into the different state. most of us will stay active, our mind will be active watching tv, and we don't realize the impact of this over time. >> right. >> it's no different than having
9:41 am
the cheesecake for the diet. once is on but night after night after night, you pay a consequence for this. >> the other thing a lot of people do, and i'm guilty as well, i like to be warm when i go to sleep, but it's really important to kind of cool things down in the bedroom, right? >> absolutely. experts find we sleep much more soundly in a room that's cool. so, that's easy. if you live in an apartment where you can set the temperature, lower the thermostat before you go to bed. and if you live, as i do, in an apartment where you have no control over the heat, crack the window open or maybe rethink, you know, what kinds of clothes you wear to bed. >> your covers. >> i love fuzzy flannels, but th don't really work for me. they interrupt my sleep, so i switch out of them into my summer nighties. >> right. carol, why is that? why does the body respond better to cooler temperatures? >> again, the physiology. and here's how it works. it's really interesting. you have to maintain two things -- an internal body clock that controls body temperature, and to facilitate what the body would naturally do, maintain the environment. so, there's a clock in the brain that responds to light and other cues that will set a temperature
9:42 am
rhythm. when we go to sleep, the temperature drops and we maintain a cooler body temperature to cool deeper stages of sleep and the temperature elevates when we wake up. so, all these tips are helping to facilitate what you should be doing to allow for those natural body rhythms to work for you. >> and one of the things that's going to get in the way of that is, margo, you say having a drink before you go to bed. a lot of people think, oh, a little glass of wine helps me go to sleep. it's the opposite, right? >> right. alcohol is a stimulant. it makes you feel sleepy initially, but ultimately, it is going to cause a disruptive slumber. same thing with caffeine. people know not to drink caffeine. that's kind of drilled into us. >> right. >> but if you're sensitive to caffei caffeine, stay away from decaffeinated beverages as well, because they also have small amounts of caffeine in them. >> and what is the -- why is the reason that alcohol tends to impair your sleep? >> as margo was pointing out, it can help you relax, but the problem is -- >> the sugar? >> well, what it is is the alcohol alters the normal sleep pattern, architecture of sleep.
9:43 am
there's an actual pattern that's very important to have restful sleep. alcohol will disrupt that. you'll fall asleep and maintain sleep, but sleep will be abnormal, and the next day you'll wake up feeling as if you didn't sleep at all. and for people with breathing problems, it will alter the function of breathing. so, if you're someone who snores or has sleep apnea, it could be lethal. so, it's a problem. >> the other thing is hide the clock. a lot of us stare at the clock, i should be sleeping more, i should be sleeping more. that will make you more stressed out. >> if you're not sleeping because you're worrying about something, seeing the clock going 3:16, 3:17 is not going to help. >> i think mine was doing that this morning, as a matter of fact. >> simple thing, turn the clock away from you or throw a towel over it. >> and carol, ways for people to overall reduce the stress level as we go to bed. >> well, we can't solve the problems of the day in the middle of the night. what tends to happen is as you're drifting off to sleep, that's the first time you're alone with your own thoughts and you start getting these racing thoughts, and you start staring at that clock because now you're frustrating and not sleeping and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
9:44 am
if you're doing that, get out of bed, you're not sleeping anyway. get a journal and write down your problems and start coming up with solutions during the day. you have to get ahead of it. take control of the day to take control of the night, you really do. >> right. ladies, thank you. margo gilman and carol ash. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. coming up, the healing power of some plants. [ female announcer ] pure cane sugar and the stevia plant. wo of nature's sweetest wonders growing together under the same sun. and now for the first time in new sun crystals, the only 100% natural sweetener made with pure cane sugar and stevia.
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9:48 am
this morning on "today's garden," the healing power of plants. sure, they look pretty, but there is more, from cleaning the air in your home to satisfying your sweet tooth, plants are essential to your health and your happiness, especially in winter. that's what p. allen smith says. he's the author of "bringing the garden indoors." hey, p. allen smith. >> happy new year. >> good to see you. happy new year to you. you've got -- you're teaching us something, because actually, all the times, all the years i've had house plants, i never really knew that, as you say, they can actually clean the toxins in our air in our home. >> yeah, and there's so many things flying around the air that we're not aware o >> like? >> formaldehyde, benzene, comes from the finishes on furniture, the floor, the walls, whatever. and so, many of these house plants, actually, will purify the air. >> but you need a lot of them. >> you do need several. i mean, you need 10 to 20 per 1,500 square feet of the house for maximum effect. this time of year, of course, when we're all sort of closed in, is a great time to get started, and it's a healthy way
9:49 am
to start the new year. >> especially if you have kids. you want the air to be clean. >> what i'm going t do -- this is a peace lily. >> i love the peace lily! nice and shiny. >> easy to grow. >> love it! >> and i love integrated with the ice orchids. so you make it easy because you get the color and also the foliage. but back here, this is an exotic angel delilah fern. ferns typically shed a lot. this one does not. >> so, that's a good plus. >> that is a good thing. and this is our good old friend english ivy. now, if you have pets, you don't want the english ivy -- >> on the ground. >> -- where they can get to the ivy, but it is so easy to grow. >> you have the eureka plant over here, which you love. >> right. the eureka palm is great at purifying the air. this is a dwarf dait palm. and this is an exotic angel, a theme on the peace lily, which is very good. now, the thing you want to keep in mind, ann, if you're trying to keep toxins out of the house
9:50 am
by using plants, when you spray them -- if you have a problem with insects -- you don't want to use a hard chemical. use something that's safe and always spray the under side of them. >> why? >> well, that's typically where the insect will lay its egg, where they colonize, hang out. that sort of thing. >> you don't spray them with water? you spray them with -- >> well, just to be safe. >> all right. >> we're breathing clean air. now let's talk about what we're ingesting in our bodies. >> i love this part. we have lemon balm. >> just smell this. lemon balm is so good and so easy to grow. it's very good for reducing stress. >> and you can make that into teas, can't you? >> you sure can. you can buy it in the grocery store or buy these plants. >> listen-to-just take the leaves and put them in hot water and make a tea? >> sure. >> oh, my favorite. there's something relaxing. what about the values of these? >> mint is good for an upset tummy. that helps. it's also relaxing. this is good for relaxation, lavender. who doesn't love the aroma of lavender? and talk about helping you with
9:51 am
your sleep, that's one of the herbs that's very good with sleep. >> i think that's very true. that's worked for me, anyway. listen, you also have the aruba? >> aarubias. >> and it comes in white? >> red and a green one. and it's good for calming the central nervous system. >> now, you would probably buy this in a tea. you wouldn't grow this. >> i guess one could, but it's very good, and you can sweeten it with a natural sweetener, such as stevia. >> isn't this interesting? you've probably never seen this before, but this is the plant -- you know, stevia's kind of becoming more and more famous because it comes from a plant. >> in extract or liquid. and just taste a leaf, ann. >> okay. >> these are stevia plants that you can grow in your garden. >> isn't that crazy? >> just taste it. isn't that good? >> it is sweet. >> isn't that amazing? it's very, very sweet. >> that's crazy. >> this is an interesting concept. look at this -- i buy it and it turns -- >> and no calories? >> i want the cameraman to watch. i'm going to release the stevia
9:52 am
into this water as well as the minerals, and there it goes. >> mm-hmm. >> or here it goes. >> i see. when you do that, then it drops down into the drink. >> mm-hmm, it does. >> but the point about stevia is that, isn't it a zero-calorie, healthier version of sugar? isn't that -- >> it is, it is, absolutely. now look, try one of these drinks, see what you think. >> okay. >> because it's got stevia. >> okay, and isn't it more sweet than sugar? >> 300 times is what they say. >> wow, okay. >> isn't that good? five calories. >> and when in doubt, chocolate. and we're out of time, i'm sory to say. >> it has so much power in it to make you happy. >> let's have some of that. p. allen, thank you for making us feel so much better with plants. coming up, kathie lee and hoda
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
look who just wandered in, kathie lee and hoda. hi, you guys. >> hey. >> what have you got coming up? >> we've got a lot coming up. >> we're glad to have you home, by the way. we have wallace, bearing a sword. >> and we combed the crowd and found
9:56 am
our time right now is 9:56,
9:57 am
37 degrees outside. in the news4 today, thousands of demonstrators will be gathering for the march for life demonstration. 14 metro bus lines will be recruited and there will be several road closures in the area. now let's get a check of our forecast and see what the weather's doing out there. >> we have had rain throughout the metro area and through much of virginia this morning. now we're beginning to see some changeover now to some sleet here in parts of virginia and into northern parts of the shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia and the sleet has continued to fall there all this morning and farther south and east, so this is all rain, this is a band that is moderate to heavy rain, and that's going to continue for the next several hours. we may see a brief changeover to
9:58 am
some sleet and maybe a little bit of snow in the metro area in the next few hours and into the early afternoon with light accumulation. how's the traffic. >> we have been watching this camera on 270 and highstown. we have also been watching i-270 close to myerstown. we're in pretty good shape both in montgomery and fairfax co rnbc-universal television
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television and it is friday, everybody. >> yes, it is. >> you thought it wouldn't get here, but it did. it's january 22nd. hoda is off for a little vacation. >> taking some time off. >> little working vacation. >> i am so excited. >> i know and you're going to have a good time. >> thank you for that. thanks to angela hill who sent me that "who dat!" shirt for the game this weekend. it's cinched in, like a cute little top. >> to show off that magnificent waist of yours. >> i'm excited for the saints and the weekend and the
10:01 am
vacation. >> do you know what i'm excited about? >> what? >> it's over. it's over. closing the book on conan and jay. although a story that we'll be following. i'm tired of it. i'm sick of it. >> i think a lot of people are. the way it ended -- >> is very nasty, personal and ugly. >> yeah. conan is poking fun at nbc in a way, saying i'm showing this video and there's a price you pay on nbc if you show nfl music or footage. he said it's going to cost nbc x amount of money, ha, ha, a. and when you're on the inside, it's sort of painful, because we know how everybody is -- they're sort of making cuts and everything. >> we have all kinds of cutbacks, exactly. i don't know. i think it's -- he should be deducted whatever he is costing the network for what he's wasting in the last couple of days. i'm surprised they're actually letting him do it. >> alexandra stanley had something in the "new york
10:02 am
times," and the headline is where is johnny? good manners take a hiatus. she has a line in here that says it turns out the cliche that comics are angry, bitter people deep down is true. >> well, i know some comics that aren't at all. this is showing very bad behavior. >> she was saying what happened to that johnny carson type guy who seemed to have good manners and told kes that were fun and not biting. >> there was a classiness to it. joan rivers would also remind you she had an altercation with him as well. there's a history everyere. only you and i get along beautifully. >> stop. >> that's because we leave once in a while. >> yes, vacation. >> like a good marriage. >> and john edwards -- >> speaking of marriage. >> when he got out there in public and basically took responsibility in a written statement for the child that -- it seems like a lot of people thought was his anyway. but then what was especially -- i don't know how you would describe it, as strange or in bad taste, whatever it was. just while that was being
10:03 am
released, he flew to haiti. what do you make of this moment? >> all of this is because a book is coming out and there's a big interview coming up on another network and he just wanted to get it out before that happened. so, you go down there and have the interest on a different subject. and i think it's -- just when i thought he couldn't make one more bad choice, he has made one more bad choice. >> that, to me, is very transparent. it's so obvious. just don't do that. >> no, i'm here to talk about haiti. >> go to haiti. we think it's a great thick thing but don't do it le that. >> you don't need the press either to do good in this world. >> there are a couple of things we can do. >> isn't tonight the big concert? >> it is, george clooney and wyclef jean. >> all the networks, and we'll have it here at 8:00, 7:00 central. different things you can bias well. people say i am so tired of, i am so tired of -- these little bracelets are i'm so tired.
10:04 am
what are you tired of animal cruelty, cancer, global warming? 100% of the properties will be given to doctors without borders. >> these are $10, i believe. >> $10 at i' and this is for your baby. jo edwards' little baby is adorable. he should buy a lot of these for haiti is what he should do for her, these are called baby legs leg warmers, 100% of the profits will be donated to the red cross at that runs through monday, january 25th, where you will be sun tanning yourself and having a good -- by the way, don't do it nude up on that deck because there are. >> that is just terrible what you say. >> satellites in the sky. i'm just warning you. >> i am the most conservave person on earth, just about. >> do you know what else i don't want -- i don't like it when you come back and i see your tan lines. >> that's what happens. >> no. get a bandeau.
10:05 am
>> i don't even know what a bandeau is. >> if you have ever been -- this is beyond anything i've ever imagined for someone that's been jilted by a lover or whatever. a woman was having an affair with a guy who was married. >> for 8 1/2 years. >> this man kept telling her i'm going to leave my wife, that song and dance. well, he didn't. what did she decide to do? she decided to put huge posters in times square. >> and other cities. >> and other cities. >> yes. >> talking about -- it looks like a love story of her and this guy, okay? >> yes. >> it's called -- i love the headline. ad is hell. not only in new york, but times square she spent $250,000 on these things. >> the thing is, you don't know what's going on there. but there's a website that it says you go to and it has every ticket stub of of everything they ever went to, all these pictures of every event and he has reconciled with his wife. did his wife not know for 8 1/2 years -- he's at the obama inauguration. >> with with this girl.
10:06 am
>> with this woman. where was his wife? >> also at his birthday party in australia with this woman. but she has like a shrine to him. it's weird when you look at that picture. it looks like they're lovers and she wants to continue the thing. >> it does beat, you know, boiling the bunny. remember? >> oh, yeah. oh, god. >> it does. i mean, nobody gets hurt this way. >> can you believe she did that? >> remember "fatal attraction"? >> yes. apparently the "post" went to his door, and the response was oh, man, and shut the door. >> and he did say i'm sorry. >> that's a nightmare. >> i was watching a little bit of lucy lawless on "today" and i cannot even describe what i saw. we have a lot to talk about with miss lucy today. >> there is a lot -- she's on this network called stars and there is a show she does filled with a lot of sex and nudity and a lot of violence. >> they're saying it's now
10:07 am
gone -- the last horizon or the latest in the never-ending battle to see how you can get attention. it's well done, you know, the production value is amazing, but oh, my gosh, if you don't like the color red, don't watch. it's unbelievable. it's very violent, very graphic sex. >> and she has this huge, huge following that's been waiting for her to get back in business. >> warrior princess, let me tell you. >> she is huge. >> she's back in action. now, if you want to laugh -- maybe you do because it's friday -- i can't believe we have no drinks. it's friday and there's nothing here but iced tea. but, however -- there is? okay. there's video of this guy -- you might have seen him on "american idol," 63-year-old guy and he was a contestant. >> war veteran. the age limit is 28, i think, isn't it? >> he didn't care. >> for"idol." so, he was tired of those kids walking around with their pants pulleddown.
10:08 am
he decided to make a little diddy. it's called "pants on the ground." take a listen. >> ♪ looking like a fool with the pants on your ground, gold in your mouth hat turned sideways call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool walking around town with your pants on the ground giddy up ♪ >> i'm with him, baby. yeah. >> that guy is so popular, brett favre did a rendition after the game, which we can't show you. >> hollywood, gave him the idea, but it would cost millions of dollars to put that on. >> that thing is taking off. i think this guy wants to capitalize on his song. everybody seems to be be making -- >> why shouldn't he? he has cups, t-shirts. it's called the american way. it's called capitalism. >> that's right. let's go over to miss sara. >> speaking of the american way. >> we are talking about the woman scorned, as kathie lee would say. we're getting mixed reviews. too far, she needs to grow up. jordan said, you go, girl.
10:09 am
>> what? >> to get the billboards, patrick said what a waste of money, just post it on twitter and facebook and everybody can read it. >> she did that, too. >> but we wouldn't be talking about it on national television if she had done that. >> true. >> and it wouldn't be on the front page of this newspaper. >> i don't think it will ultimately -- she should have thought this through, because this is not going to get the reaction that she wants. you know what? i'm wrong. in today's world she'll get her own reality series. still to come, if you've got marriage in your plans, we'll tell you one rule to follow before you say "i do." plus it's ambush makeover friday and we've got amazing results to show you. and lucy lawless. >> the show that has all the critics talking.
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
the arrangements are set? >> i've taken care of everything. >> tomorrow if i can secure
10:13 am
patriage. >> you will. >> how are you certain? >> we've done everything we can. it's in the hands of the gods now. >> yeah. that's actress lucy lawless in the new starz network series "blood and sam." i didn't see much sam but saw an awful lot of blood. >> lucy plays lucretia, whose husband runs a gladiator training school. >> doesn't everybody? >> it's making headlines because of all the nudity. hi, lucy. >> nice to see you. >> welcome back to the states. >> how are you? >> fantastic. >> let's talk about the nudity. >> get it out of the way. >> there is nudity. there is sex. i own it. it's on it. it's not a kids' show. it's on at 10:00. put your kids to bed. it's not for the squeamish, but, boy, will we take you on a roller coaster. >> it delivers what it says it's
10:14 am
going to give you. >> oh, yeah. >> and your husband is the executive producer? >> he's not on set because that would be weird. >> it had to have been. you barred him from the set but he's in charge of everything so he watched it all. what did he say? >> i think he, like everybody who worked on it, is very proud. the people who shot this have come off "avatar" and we started off together in new zealand. but they shot major motion pictures like "the lord of the rings" trilogy. >> you see that in the production value. >> you really do. >> and the effect of that movie. was it "300," was that what it was called? >> yes. >> so much in sepia tones so when the blood comes it's red. >> with a flourish and it's like buckets blood inside your tv screen. >> a lot of lost appendages and everything. >> who is this for? >> this is for anybody who wants to relate in an alternate
10:15 am
universe. ancient rome was a gruesome time. >> and decadent beyond belief. >> and it is decadent. that's why it fell apart, note to self. >> exactly. that's why it did. >> your fans are so glad you're back. i've been reading in the notes how they've been beating the drum waiting for you. it must be nice. >> they're really welcoming and if they like me on xena, they'll really like me on hercules. >> yes get to see both episodes. i watched one. really it's just the location is changed, people are still the same. they're still conniving, wives are still manipulating their husbands and the man wants the next power game and the boss, roman senator and nothing has really changed. it's human nature. >> and there was no -- there was nothing to hold you up in that society. nobody is going to go sue on your behalf. it was dog eat dog. and the idea of slavery, you know, where human beings are just commodities, if your
10:16 am
housekeeper displeases you, you just kill her and go and buy another one. >> was a lot of it on set or w some of it down with green screen? >> there is a lot of green screen, but not the scenes i tend to be in, which are real sets. >> the budget had to be enormous. >> it is, though, the only way we could tell this story and create this world is with cgi. when we saw "300," our jaws hit the floor and my husband said that's how i tell this story. >> so expensive in comparison. >> in comparison. >> one of your children is on this also, right? >> my daughter is 21. >> that's just wrong. >> yes. >> we can't believe you have a daughter old enough -- >> if you keep feeding them, that's what happens. >> that's what i say, my son is 6'4". they're like, you keep feeding him so he grows. >> and they hang around. >> do they want to get in the same business? >> not really. one of my son wants to be a farmer, he's 7 and my other son
10:17 am
wants to be a falconer. >> is that a job? >> driving birds around, i don't know. he thinks he'll make money at it. >> lucy, thank you. >> you look fantastic. >> naked, too. >> 41 and naked. >> yeah, and had a couple of kids. catch lucy in "spartacus blood and sand" tonight on starz.
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
if you've got a young adult at home who is thinking about getting married or you're a high school or college-age student and you plan to tie the knot very soon, we have some advice for you. >> it's wait. according to the department of health and human services, those who wed in their late teens and early 20s are more likely to be divorced after ten years of marriage than people who wait just a few more years. there's some magical thing about those years. nicole bland -- is it bland? >> beland. >> is an executive editor at
10:21 am
"kcosmepolitan." >> 50% of marriages end in divorce, we know that. are most of them from the younger group? >> that's the whole average, but if you wait until 25, the average goes down to 24%. that's a huge difference. it's a bit of a magic number. when they do these big surveys, they don't exactly know why. we went and talked to relationship experts and psychologists to get to the reason. >> i didn't know until i was 30. >> that's a huge aspect. for every extra year of higher education a woman has, her chance of divorce goes down. you can imagine why. >> they have options. >> make better choices. >> make better choices by the way you financially are more secure. >> right. >> makes sense. >> i talked to the woman who did that study and brought up such an interesting point. she said if you have -- for women, security is so important
10:22 am
for us and we crave security. if we don't have that ourselves because we have a good job and a good education, we tend to seek it through our lationship. so, if you don't have the security that you get from a great education, you might rush into a bad marriage just to be married, just to have that part of your life secure. i thought that rang very true for me. >> this was the same for men and women? >> we're just talking about women. >> just talking about women? >> just talking about the women. >> and we don't know from that study what the age of the men were? >> we know how old men are wn they get divorced and get married but they didn't find the same link, that if men wait until 25 the rate of divorce goes down, it's just with women. >> what about the argument that you are more able to change and adapt to someone else's lifestyle when you're younger as opposed to when you get your own groove on and you're useded to doing things your own way? >> having things your own way. >> it's a back and forth. in your early 20s, you also tend to be more selfish and you really want to do what you want
10:23 am
to do. you're in a rebellious phase. ereas when you're in your mid to late 20s, and 30s, you've gotten a lot of that stuff out of your system and are more ready to commit to someone and understand better what the benefits and rewards will be of that commitment. >> does the study say anything about if you live together before marriage? >> there's a little bit more of a chance you'll be divorce fd you live together before marriage and even a larger chance of infidelity. >> why is that? that's weird. >> i lived with my husband, so i was very interested in this. it's because if you live with someone, you kind of get into this -- you get on this track. and you feel like, i've already lived with this person for two years. my parents and friends, everyone is asking us, when are we going to get married. you find yourself falling into marriage because it's the next thing to do. >> because it's expected? >> and not because you stop and say, wait a minute. is this right for me? >> that's interesting. >> is this the person i want to be with for the rest of my life? >> what about the recession causing problem with his a lot of relationships? how much is that playing -- we
10:24 am
only have 45 seconds. >> the best indicator that a couple will get divorced is how often they fight about money. the recession is not going to crack a strong marriage. if you have a weak marriage and you find yourself fighting more often about money, then you need to be careful and think about how can you improve this, how can you fight less? how can you get on the same page about money? >> those are questions you need to talk about before you get married. >> ideally. >> definitely. >> very interesting. coming up, it is ambush friday. you know what that means. >> what does it mean, hoda? >> we picked a couple of people. >> plus curtis stone stuck around from yesterday. he's heating things up in the kitchen.
10:25 am
10:26 am
how sands we'll mark the 37th anniversary of roe v. wade, 14 metro bus lines will be rerouted and there will be multiple road closiers in the area. also coming up on news4 midday, rain, sleet and snow and the
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
makeover is brought to you by maybelline new york. maybe she's born with it. maybe it's maybelline. we're back on this friday with the results of "today's" ambush makeovers. >> our plaza was packed with ladies looking to catch the eye of luis and jill. they found exactly who they were looking for. stylist to the stars, luis licari and "us weekly" "today" contributor and author, jill martin. i'm so glad they have added that to the prompter. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> how fast it today, mr. luis? >> it was great. this is my favorite part of the week. i can't tell you how much i love -- we both love doing makeovers. >> last week's were
10:31 am
unbelievable. >> it really is a life changer and for both of us, it's such a high. >> they were really on fire. >> enthusiastic. >> something. >> let's meet them. nancy gaity, 46 years old today. happy birthday. >> good for her. >> married to her husband, gary, for 16 years. she has a daughter. for more than ten years she has worked aas a clinical researcher for a pharmaceutical company. the last te she pampered herself was a year and a half ago when she and her girlfriends took a vacation. let's take a listen to her story. >> i know you're so excited, you finally stopped screaming, because my ear drums are about to pop. but happy birthday. >> thank you. >> i know you turn 46 today, but you put it differently. >> 29 plus 17. >> you're 29 plus 17 and you want a makeover. tell us why. >> it' on my bucket list. i've never had a makeover. >> so cool. and, gary, your husband, is so supportive. he's camcorderring this whole thing. do you want your wife to have
10:32 am
this? >> absolutely. she deserves this. >> we're going to make her so sexy. >> i'm sure you will. >> are you ready to go? >> absolutely. i'm so excited. >> nancy is so excited and so is her husband, gary, who has his blind fold on. keep your blind fold on until i give you the green light, all right? >> all right. >> here is nancy before. all right, nancy, let's see the new you. wow! hello! hold on. stay right there. don't move. okay, gary, go ahead, take off your blind fold. >> oh, my. oh, my. she's beautiful. >> nancy, you want to see yourself? >> uh-huh. >> spin around right here. >> oh, my god! >> wow! >> that is so cute. >> oh, my god. >> what do you think? >> that pixie haircut, it's darling. >> right there. luis, the hair. >> the hair, that haircut is perfect. layers. it's easy. she can maintain it herself with her fingers and a little bit of
10:33 am
gel or if she wants to make it fancier, of course, she can whip out the blow dry. >> good grief. >> of course, i made the color warmer, which made her skin color come alive, my favorite thing to do. >> i love it. >> what do you think of your new bride? >> she's more beautiful than ever. >> that's the right answer. jill, the ought foit is great. >> she asked me for something she would never buy for herself. that is this, available at macy's, a great birthday out fit. these high boots are for you. she said you thought they were sexy and the earrings are roberta chiraella. >> you look sensational. nancy, congrats. >> congratulations, nancy. >> good job. excellent! mary william, 45 from williamsburg, virginia, married to paul for 22 years, they have two daughters, has worked as an engineer in the military for 20 years. last time she wore makeup was on her wedding day. wow! she's her with her daughter, gretchen. let's listen to her story. >> well, i love this.
10:34 am
when i asked why you wanted a makeover, you said look at my. i'm a dork. >> right, nerd, yeah. >> a nerd. tell me why you want a change. >> just, you know, i'm 45, i have two teenage daughters and i help them look good and look great and everything. i don't do much for myself. so it's a very exciting possibility of a new look. >> you're cracking up over there. tell us why you want this for your mom. >> she took me all the way up here for my birthday and i just -- i love her for doing that, so -- >> all right. we are going to pamper you for three hours. are you ready to go? >> i'm ready. thank you. >> love to see teenage girl that is still love their mothers, you know. >> yes. >> let's take a look at the old mary and -- no, that's gretchen. there's the old mary. now let's bring out the new mary william williams. >> whoo! >> yes, yes, yes. gretchen, you're not going to believe your mama. take a look, hon. >> okay. >> oh, my god!
10:35 am
whoa! >> mary, look at yourself, hon. turn around. >> wow! >> you're beautiful. >> you want to put your glasses on? >> quite the transformation, luis. >> wow! >> mary has the most beautiful skin color and it disappears. the first thing i did, i made her hair color richer, which means deeper, a little bit of chocolate. >> makes your eyes pop. >> it made her eye s pop and a little bit of red lips to even pop up more. she has fine hair. arson gave her layers plus hair color give you thicker hair, big tip. >> gretchen is busting. >> she looks gorgeous, doesn't she? >> yeah, she does. >> jill, nice out fit there. >> both pieces by alex eden. she doesn't get to dress up for work. i really wanted to give her basics when she goes out to dinner she c mix and match. she's going out to the theory. she can can wear this top with jeans or dress up the black skirt. look, they look like the angelina jolie emeralds.
10:36 am
>> they do. >> come on over, nancy. >> great job. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. next, what is it, hoda? >> very, very important reason you should watch this next one. >> oh, yeah. this is serious, but very important. don't turn that channel.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
we're back with "today's" health and a very important checkup for women everywhere. >> it is very important. january is cervical health awareness month, a cancer that is both preventible and curable. leann cooks is a cancer survivor and from sloane kettering. >> so you are a cervical cancer survivor? >> five years. >> how did you find out? >> i had never got pregnant. i went to the doctor to confirm i was pregnant and they did a pap test and it came up
10:40 am
irregular. >> is that how cervical cancer is always found, a pap smear? >> usually, it is found by a pap smear, that's correct. >> is that a good test? i mean, is it one of those things that if you have a pap smear and it's clear you can say i don't have cervical cancer? >> absolutely, yes. >> what age are women supposed to get their pap smear done? everything has changed now so much, we all get confused. what age would you suggest? >> well, we recommend that women get a pap smear at least starting by age 21 and that they have them regularly. >> you weren't having them? >> no. >> why not, sweetie? was it an insurance situation? >> not even insurance, it was the type of thought, nothing can happen to me. >> can't happen to you? >> i feel fine. everything is fine so it's not going to happen to me. >> you weren't bleeding or anything like that? >> no. i had no symptoms. >> when they told you that you had it, then it was time to take action. >> yes. >> they wanted to do some radical things. >> yes. my doctor told me the only option was a radical hifrtect h can
10:41 am
can'tmy. i said no. i just had my first children. there just has to be another option. i wouldn't stand for a hysterectom hysterectomy. >> is that a course of action a lot of doctors recommend? >> yes, it is. but because her cancer was found early enough, she had a better option where she didn't have to lose her uterus. >> so your baby saved your life, basically? >> yes, that's what we call my daughter, kylie. she's our angel for finding this. >> your second child is your miracle baby. >> yes. after i had this procedure, they told me i possibly could get pregnant, wouldn't give me any guarantees but i would have my fertility. i conceived him naturally, no assistance. he's full-term, healthy, my little miracle. >> after the surgery -- have you had the chemo and -- >> no. >> radiation? >> no, i did not have to. >> cervical cancer, i was -- they were ranking how deadly cancers are. breast cancer for women and then cervical cancer, right, right afterwards? >> right.
10:42 am
cervical cancer is pretty common, about 11,000 women in the united states get it every year, and about 4,000 women die. worldwide it's actuly one of the leading causes of death for young women in many countries. but it's completely preventible and highly curable. >> how is it preventible? >> best ways to prevent cervical cancer are to get your pap smears and get them regularly and a vaccine is available that can prevent cervical cancer as well. >> and sexually transmitted? >> hpv is sexually transmitted, but it's only in a few women that it causes changes in the cervix that ultimately leado cancer. >> more and more young girls, really young, are getting the hpv in two injections, right? are you feeling we're seeing great results from that? >> hpv vaccine is very effective and actually requires three doses. >> three, that's right. >> it's recommended for girls, centers for disease control recommends that girls get vaccinated at ages 11 and 12. you can get it up to age 26. >> we're so glad you're feeling so much better.
10:43 am
you've been good for how many years? >> october will be five years. >> october five years, wow! >> and you get a pap smear every six months now? >> yes. >> before you were going regular ly. we're so happy for you. >> thank you. >> thanks for the info and advice. she said she never went because she never thought it would happen to her. go get your pap smear. >> yes. it seems weird to go from pap smear to curtis stone, but that's the way the things are. we're going to make a chicken pot pie. >> of course we are.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
all right. we are back and it's time for cooking with curtis stone, chef and all-around great guy. >> we love curtis. you may know him for his witty intellect from our all-guy panel, but he has more than brains and brawn, can he really cook. >> he can. >> no pastry whatsoever, super healthy version of a chicken pot
10:48 am
pie. in my pot i have onions. >> little olive oil. >> little olive il. i'm going to add some leaks. >> i like leaks a lot. >> add some garlic, which i've chopped up fine. >> love the way you say garlic. >> little bit of thyme and bay leaves. that goes in there as well. >> you have the garlic, baby, i've got the thyme. anyways -- >> you just toss that around and then what we put in next is our mushrooms, okay. >> what kind of mushrooms are you using there? >> these are the creminis or swiss browns, beautiful. great time of year for mushrooms. it's winter, fall sort of vegetable. give that a good toss. then over here -- >> you precooked this, but not all the way? >> not all the way. some chicken thighs, i've cut them into bite-sized pieces, dusted them with some whole wheat flour, little bit of salt and pepper. >> why the thigh? juicier than the breast? >> juicier. >> i thought you were an all-chicken person.
10:49 am
you're a thigh guy? >> i'm into legs and breasts but today i thought i would go for the legs. toss all of that stuff back in together. you have this beautiful base. little bit of white wine. >> yes. >> that's what you want. >> we're loving it! >> deglaze the pan. beautiful. normally, you would put in a white sauce, like a mornay to thicken up your pot pie. >> we're not going to do that? >> no. we have celery roots. >> that looks like it needs to be excised. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> it's like a turnip, a root? >> i've cooked it in a bit of milk. you see that? and then puree it in the blender. look at it. >> it looks like a hollandaise or something. >> oh, my god.
10:50 am
kath, we need another spoon. >> no, that's okay. there's nothing for me to taste it with. it's okay. that's fine, really. you're the one going on vacation. >> get in there. do it. >> it tastes like mashed potatoes. >> i don't know what i was expecting. it's good, it's just i -- >> i put this into my pie, all >> you don't like it? >> i like it. >> that face, kathie lee. >> why are you make iing that f? >> because what you're hoping for in life doesn't happen. >> it tastes like mashed potatoes. >> where is the disappointment? i know it's going to be awesome. >> what was that, parsley? >> tarragon. >> come to the back. >> what we do, we mix this all together and pour it into our big pots. >> is he still talking? >> uh-huh. >> have a drink. >> yep. pour it into your big pots, root vegetables, carrots, turnips, mash them up like this. >> this is a lot of work. it better be good. >> i'm exhausted. >> this is the final? >> stick it in the oven. have a taste. get in there. >> get in there, all right,
10:51 am
curtis. i don't know. i'm afraid i'm going to run into one of those things. >> take it straight from the big pot and, you see -- >> oh, yum. >> that's really good. >> curtis, thank you. >> that cream needed all the other stuff. >> curtis, thank you. coming up next, some of our favorite artists who might not be here if it wasn't for this one special guy. we'll introduce you to him. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
he is the master behind musical greats like whitney houston, alicia keys, barry manilow and santana and that's a few of them. >> and also the host of the best grammy party around. >> the best party. >> the legend of music himself, mr. clive davis. >> great to see you. >> great to be with both of you. >> we're honored you're with us. >> i love that this is the invite i have here.
10:55 am
that's the invitation you send out? what's in there? >> that's the invitation that says the most magnificent party of the year. >> what's in here? >> the details. you take the wrap iping off. >> apparently this is very private. >> really? nobody told me. open it! >> who comes the party, clive? >> every grammy nominee comes to the party. a number of potential oscar nominees, heads of the networks, the heads of most film studios, and they celebrate music. 's one night. it started many years ago, we started the tradition the night before the grammys and the competition, no one knows who has won, but they all turn out -- not only turn out but we put on the best show. kathie -- >> you often introduce brand new talent at it as well. i saw alicia keys for the first time at that party. >> exactly. >> wasn't this the party that chris brown and rihanna were coming home from? >> they were coming home from, i
10:56 am
hate to say, this party. we have to top this year. the show began with rod stewart and then leona lewis "bleeding love," then kelly clarkson did "piece of my heart" for janice joplin. >> whose your favorite grammy nominee this year? >> i would say the ones that have gotten the most nominations, to be object ive about it, beyonce, taylor swift, the black eyed peas. i am a little partial to the kings of leon, who are a great, emerging new rock -- >> do you know what we're most excited about? you're honoring doug morris. >> we love doug. >> head of universal music group, one of our favorite guys on the planet. >> he is terrific. >> we love him. what took you so long? is there a better guy? >> he is terrific. >> he's the best! >> doug is teific. >> that showed very good -- >> not a personal judgment. he deserved it. i was the icon last year. he was chosen by the national academy to be the honoree this
10:57 am
year. >> you give him my love. >> i will. >> have fun at the party. >> it's his party. >> i know. thank you so much. barry manilow and hoda is on --
10:58 am
10:59 am

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